My Organic Diet is increasing energy movement

Topics relating to improvements in dream and sleep that could help increase Lucidity & Vividness potential.
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My Organic Diet is increasing energy movement

Post by wettstein » October 24th, 2012, 11:33 pm

I will get to the rest of your responses too and thank you very much

this was easy I wrote it earlier so a little cut and paste magic :)

100% organic no exceptions

almost no pasta or rice like max a handful of noodles in a week MAX

almost no dairy we but a glass jug goats milk it lasts 10 days between Ava and me fairly equally.

an 8 ounce serving of our raised rabbit or fish for dinner no other meat through out the day

I usually start my day juicing and despite what they say about eating lots your first meal I think its BS I eat when I am hungry. I have bananas or a grapefruit when ever I am hungry and it is not 1 of my 3 meal times.

Breakfast is usually juiced Kale, Parsley, spinach, celery and broccoli from my garden, then I add 1 to 2 lemons, thumb size ginger, beets, carrots, concord grapes, 2 oranges and just about any fruit around. once its juiced I add it to my blender with a frozen banana or 2, half avocado, more parsley, blueberries and sometimes VEGA vitamin mix and a teaspoon of raw honey if Ava is here.

lunch usually a fruit plate, raw nuts and vegetables like cucumbers and celery we will snack this till its gone.

Dinner usually rabbit or fish more often rabbit then usually black or green kale we love them both we usually cook very light the trick is little water in pot cover then turn heat on max as soon as it steams even the slightest leave lid on and take it off the heat the leaf should be crispy still.
then we may eat many others cooked the same with Broccoli, green beans, beats, potatoes (we cook these like old school), carrots, cabbage, salad, celery, mushrooms, cauliflower, asparagus, spinach, peppers and all almost always seasoned with onions, garlic, vinegar and lemon one or all

Then I cut down my drinking to only 1 day every 2 to 3 weeks

I eat when ever I am normally it will be a banana or a grapefruit I figure if I really am hungry I will eat them.

I believe the most important thing was cutting out the toxins NO FLUORIDE and you have to be careful its in all bottled water and many manciple water supplies. Also natural deodorant and if I am not going out never wear it. only natural products for my body. No perfumes, No scented things if it smells like flowers and its not a flower its bad, Some exceptions would be natural oils, don't eat from plastic don't keep food in plastic Guess what if it has wilted because its not in plastic its garbage eat as fresh as you can. Never eat canned food its lined with BPA and even the replacement is worse. AGAIN NEVER CONSUME ANYTHING IN PLASTIC. I use glass I still cheat a bit with veg and fruit as far as some things go but I want to gut it out too I am looking for glass containers or even stainless steal.

never get vaccinated.

never get a root canal better to pull it and never get filling with bpa or mercury and if you have them get them out. Cilantro is good for detoxifying metal but NOT IF ITS STILL IN YOUR TEETH.

all plastic is made of oil it is toxic.

I have lost about 40 pound so far this year I was wearing a size 42 and am now wearing a loose 36 just about ready for a 34.

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Re: My Organic Diet is increasing energy movement

Post by Jettins \o/ » October 24th, 2012, 11:53 pm

A lot of great details. Thanks for sharing the information.
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