Please can anyone help? it's serious

Topics relating to improvements in dream and sleep that could help increase Lucidity & Vividness potential.
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Re: Please can anyone help? it's serious

Post by fairyana » December 6th, 2012, 5:26 pm

Here are some interesting passages you might like or be helpful from the Spirit's Book.

"Spirits who are not incarnated, who are errant, do not occupy any fixed and circumscribed
region; they are everywhere, in space, and around us, seeing us, and mixing with us
incessantly; they constitute an invisible population, constantly moving and busy about us, on
every side. Spirits exert an incessant action upon the moral world, and even upon the physical world;
they act both upon matter and upon thought, and constitute one of the powers of nature, the
efficient cause of many classes of phenomena hitherto unexplained or misinterpreted, and of
which only the spiritist theory can give a rational explanation. Spirits are incessantly in relation with men.
The good spirits try to lead us into the right road, sustain us under the trials of life, and aid us to bear them with courage and resignation [unfortunately many chose to ignore them]; the bad ones tempt us to evil: it is a pleasure for them to see us fall, and to make us like themselves [ignorant].

Spirits manifest themselves spontaneously, or in response to evocation [So it does no good calling for lower class spirits unless you want to help them. It also occured to me that if you percieve evil spirits as having any sort of power, they will want to play off of this notion you have. Evil is simply ignorance. What wisdom is there in taking a bad road? Power requires wisdom, therefore, logically, evil spirits have limited or no power. If you realize this, you'll take away the fun from your evil spirit. He's playing off the notion you have that he is powerfull in some way].

All spirits may be evoked: those who have animated the most obscure of mortals, as well as those of the most
illustrious personages, and whatever the epoch at which they lived; those of our relatives, our
friends, or our enemies; and we may obtain from them, by written or by verbal
communications, counsels, information in regard to their situation beyond the grave, their thoughts in regard to us, and
whatever revelations they are permitted to make to us¹. [This is communication is easiest through dreams/astral projection though even in dreams, our guides don't necessarily show themselves to us.]

Spirits are attracted by their sympathy with the moral quality of the parties by whom they are
Spirits of superior elevation take pleasure in meetings of a serious character,
animated by the love of goodness and the sincere desire of instruction and improvement.
Their presence repels the spirits of inferior degree who find, on the contrary, free access and
freedom of action among persons of frivolous disposition, or brought together by mere
curiosity, and wherever evil instincts are to be met with. So far from obtaining from spirits,
under such circumstances, either good advice or useful information, nothing is to be expected
from them but trifling, lies, ill-natured tricks, or humbugging; for they often borrow the most
venerated names, in order the better to impose upon those with whom they are in

"It is easy to distinguish between good and bad spirits. The language of spirits of superior
elevation is constantly dignified, noble, characterised by the highest morality, free from every
trace of earthly passion; their counsels breathe the purest wisdom, and always have our
improvement and the good of mankind for their aim. The communications of spirits of lower
degree, on the contrary, are full of discrepancies, and their language is often commonplace,
and even coarse. If they sometimes say things that are good and true, they more often make
false and absurd statements, prompted by ignorance or malice. They play upon the credulity
of those who interrogate them, amusing themselves by flattering their vanity, and fooling
them with false hopes. In a word, instructive communications worthy of the name are only to
be obtained in centres of a serious character, whose members are united, by an intimate
communion of thought and desire, in the pursuit of truth and goodness.
The moral teaching of the higher spirits may be sumnied up, like that of Christ, in the gospel
maxim, 'Do unto others as you would that others should do unto you;' that is to say, do good
to all, and wrong no one. This principle of action furnishes mankind with a rule of conduct of
universal application, from the smallest matters to the greatest.

401. Does the soul take rest, like tile body, during sleep?
"No; a spirit is never inactive. The bonds which unite him to the body are relaxed during
sleep; and as the body does not then need his presence, he travels through space, and enters
into more direct relation with other spirits.”

402. How can we ascertain the fact of a spirit's liberty during sleep?
"By dreams. Be very sure that, when his body is asleep, a spirit enjoys the use of faculties of
which he is unconscious while his body is awake. He remembers the past, and sometimes
foresees the future: he acquires more power, and is able to enter into communication with
other spirits, either in this world or in some other.

416. Can a man ensure the making of spirit-visits by the exertion of his will? Can he do so,
for example, by saying to himself, on going to sleep, "I will to-night meet such and such a
person in spirit, and speak with him about such and such a thing"?
"This is what takes place. The man falls asleep, and his spirit wakens to the other life; but his
spirit is often very far from following out the plan which had been resolved upon by the man,
for the life of the man excites but little interest in a spirit when he is emancipated from
matter. This statement, however, only applies to men who have already reached a certain
degree of elevation. The others pass their spirit-existence very differently. They give free rein
to their passions, or remain inactive. It may happen, therefore, according to the aim of the
proposed action, that a spirit may go to see the parties he had, as a man, proposed to visit; but
it does not follow that, because he has willed to do so in his waking state, he will necessarily
do so in his state of freedom."

Sorry to be so lengthy. I hope I didn't bore you to death. The comments in [ ] are mine.

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Re: Please can anyone help? it's serious

Post by hydro1 » December 6th, 2012, 7:26 pm

Well you can go to a massage palar to get acupuncture you still need to rid yourself of bad energy so put that on the list too
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Re: Please can anyone help? it's serious

Post by Jettins \o/ » December 7th, 2012, 3:04 am

I was going to add my 2 cents but Floating_hawaiian, hydro1, fairyana and PauliEffect have it covered. I really like how you all think. I particularly liked what Fairyana had to say, which reminds me about the spiritist books I still have to read.


Whatever you end up making of is up to you. I think the learning potential of all the strange stuff that has happened to you is very high. It can lead to good things. Realize this before you reach your conclusions.

Take care!
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Re: Please can anyone help? it's serious

Post by sleeper » December 7th, 2012, 9:46 am

thankyou jettings and i tried alot of the stuff last night and guess what? I HAD NO DISTURBANCE!!! yeah i carnt believe it thats the first time in a long time but by no disturbance i mean i didnt astral either :/ so this is where i think they was aiding mewhen i was leaving but hey ill do the same tonight and update tommorow thankyou guys i also feel less lazy and not so drained so thanks :)

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