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Hi please write a little bit about your self for so the other members can get to know you. Also lets us know what are your intentions, this will help us determine how best to help you at your current level of understanding. Feel free to post your Questions on the Newbie Void to get started! Have a great day!
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Hello Everyone

Post by TomFP » January 24th, 2017, 8:34 am

I've had only about 5 AP's in the past 2 years. In some of them, I've fought what was I can only guess were really dark spirits/demons hand to hand. In others, I suffered the mundane trivialities of just walking around in my room. Interestingly, I've never had the interest of seeing my own body in my bed. Also, my ambitions go out the window after I get out of my body. I think things like "I could talk to immortal beings and gain knowledge, or I could view beautiful alien planets or see what's in a star." but then I just end up walking around my room. I have no ability to plan anything in astral form. I have trouble recognizing whether I am experiencing a lucid dream, or AP because they seem so very similar. Also, things are usually very dark. I've joined this website in hoping that I can improve my visual clarity and also, to keep my mind sharp and focused like in waking life.

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Re: Hello Everyone

Post by hydro1 » January 24th, 2017, 3:46 pm

when you are fighting off other entities that means you are on the lower plane of the astral where they reside, you need to increase you energy/ vibrations to move up thru the astral levels.as for not being able to keep your plans, we all have that problem, I usually get caught up in what ever being is around, my goal has been to go meet my higher self and gain knowledge, I almost succeeded a couple times but there are always distractions. anyway in order to improve your vision and movement you must move far away from you physical body as possible then demand clarity, but most often them not things get better once you are away from the body or the area where your body is. also to some dreams and Astral projection are the same thing, it depends on the individuals perspective. I am always in my home as well haven't ventured outside of it really, so I usually call my higher self to me which is how I almost succeeds, if you find you can't leave the house just bring whatever you want to you to get the ball rolling. What techniques do you use to get out? can't wait to hear more from you, welcome to the forum........gees I should have said that the beginning lol.
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Re: Hello Everyone

Post by fairyana » February 2nd, 2017, 5:09 pm

I've always had luck at following through things I've previously determined. Perhaps the trick is to do lots of reality checks when you're awake. You just stop what you're doing and focus your awareness on where you are. Ask yourself with full focus "is this a dream or is this waking reality?" then tell yourself honestly where you are. Also, throughout the day you can ask yourself what your intent will be when you find yourself in a dream. Set only one goal because if you make a list, you won't be able to focus on the list to pick one. So just set one goal. To increase your vision, look at your hands and rub them. This also stabilizes you in your astral place, so you don't wake up abruptly of fade into a dream.

As to the dark realms, like Hydro said, increase your vibration. If I explain to you the cheesy way is: be good and positive or at least try, in an honest heartfelt way, in a internal conscious way. Positive energy and high vibration are like the same thing. For many people this can actually be hard because we've got so much conditioning, ego and stuff clouding our mind.

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