SliptPsyche's Introduction

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SliptPsyche's Introduction

Post by SliptPsyche » May 21st, 2017, 8:29 pm

I am currently on the fence about astral projection, but falling toward the belief side. I have tried about 3 times as of this post, and made it to the vibration stage. I am not a typical person. I am 16, and I can think deeply, also be serious. But many times, I am so crazy. "crazy". But I think everyone is "crazy" or has it within, but doesn't let it out do to wanting to be seen a certain way.

I am somewhat new to astral projection. Actually quite naive on the topic.

I want to really see how astral projection will change me after my first projection.

I currently live with the notion that life is objectively pointless, so I care less about things, but my Ego, or sense of self naturally makes me the way I am, which cares about people and stuff. I basically live life only because I want to experience it, not because I feel I have to. I may be taking life for granted though, and I want this astral projection to change that. I want to value life so much.

Also, of course, I want to do frivolous things such as spy on people, fly around, explore places, and research the astral realm by my own experience.

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Re: SliptPsyche's Introduction

Post by hydro1 » May 22nd, 2017, 9:47 am

welcome to the forum, we're glad to have you, tell us what you already know about astral projection, and by the end of this you would have scrapped some of it, cause you must go into this with a fresh open mind. What are your expectations? get rid of them, cause expectation can hinder you trying to get out, only think of your objective after you have gotten out, cause the astral like to test people, by putting distractions in the way of what you want to do.

Also just totally get rid of your fears , cause they will just flat out keep you in your body, there is nothing to fear on the astral, most things you will run into is of your own creation, meaning you can just as easily destroy or remake most of the entities you run into, except maybe the entities on the higher levels, they are mostly positive being anyway, cause negative beings are always stuck on the lower, the astral is controlled by thoughts, so nothing can happen to you that you don't want, just stay positive, and you will achieve everything you set out to do on the astral.

But seeing as you want to do spying on people that will keep you on the lower astral, you want to excel to the higher realms where you can make changes to yourself/perspective. Now your first experience can either make you or break you, depending on if you make it out successfully without running into lower entities (your own creations) cause the fear they will bestow upon you if you don't know about them (which I just told you), will render you scared to try again. also when trying to get out and when you get out keep your emotions under wraps cause too much of an emotion (emotions are very strong on the astral), can stop you from leaving your body, and too much outside of the body can send you back to your body. I know what i'm saying make it seem hard but its easy once you know some of the ins and outs.
when you do make it out your body, get as far away from you physical body as possible cause it will suck you back in, the farther away you get the better you sight and movements will become, if not just demand clarity, to prolong your exp, stay active, if you have to stop at any time rub your hands together to keep something moving. But over all if you looking for a change in perspective and out look on the world this is definitely where to find it, so good luck an keep us posted on your progress, and have a look at all the inspiring info on the site.
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Re: SliptPsyche's Introduction

Post by fairyana » June 1st, 2017, 4:37 pm

Life is just about experiencing anyway so you're going about it the right way anyway. :-)
The big paradigm shift in science that's likely going to occur in the next decade (or less) is the notion that material world is an illusion of sort, illusion meaning not what it appears to be, in that all matter is fundamentally created by consciousness, one big cosmic consciousness that creates it all. Caring for other is caring for yourself, which is also caring for the universe. We're all the same stuff in the illusion that we are separate beings. Much like split personalities created by one big consciousness system. So that's something deep and meaningful you can explore in the astral.

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