In desperate need of help.

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In desperate need of help.

Post by hvittiger » May 9th, 2015, 10:28 pm

Hi my name is Andre, im not experienced at all in lucidity and projection. The reason i am in here is because i need help. This is my story, i have always been the quit type, have moved around a lot with my family and stuff. 2 - 3 years ago this girl poisoned my drink, i got pains from my neck all the way to my feet, high fever and throwing up slime, when i came home to bed, i flew up in the rof and turned around looking at my body then everything turned black. Day after i met a woman we got to know each other and at the end we were "Together" in her car, but soething was not right about her her body was icecold and her eyes were empty... i think she is one of the reasons for what is wrong with me... however This is what is wrong with me:

-My body keeps growing and shrinking everyday, in centimeters, my head shrinks and grows 1 cm or 2 everyday, and when this happens i hear tinitus.

-I have a big hole in my tooth but tduring the day it grows until it dissapears, and after i smoke it goes away again and the hole is back.

-I hear voices, a female voice and a male voice, and i hear the sound of their souls 24/7.

-Everytime i smoke, people around me starts coffing (not me), and after that my mouth gets filled up with spit.

-I have no feelings at all, and everytime that happens and i look in the mirror my eyes is empty and iam pale and all my charisma is gone, like an empty shell. And i see no light in my eyes.

-i feel like im stuck mentally inside a womens body, which also explains why my thing down there doesnt work at all

-Everytime i start feeling completely normal, both mentally and sexually i automaticly start excessive smoking and drinking because then the voices in my head comes back and order me to do it, and i do as the voices say like a puppy but against my will.

-When my skull, hands, and feets has shrinked, my thing down there stops working as it should, and it feels like its not there at all which freaks me out totally. (this has ruined my sexlife)

-During the day when i look for money inside my pockets, when i go to sleep afterwards at night i feel the invisible energy hands looking for money in my pockets when i try to sleep.

-every weekend when i am normal and i go out drinking, there is always a girl who comes to me expecting something? These girls all have one thing in common, they have this ... hate disguised as happiness, and all the other people around me the guys i feminime, some even gay, and the women are more manly it is so weird it makes me feel unnormal for being straight nothing of this makes sense. And i know it is not a lucid dream, because it has been like this for years now???
I really need some help, i feel stalked 24/7, my sexlife is ruined completely, and i just wish to be normal and have a gf and lots of friends, and these things keeps ripping me apart piece by piece :( My question is whats the cause of this, and how do i get rid of it. Thank you

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Re: In desperate need of help.

Post by MiantCub » May 10th, 2015, 11:12 am

Exercise should help with the smoking, and for some reason grapefruit juice came to mind. Meditation may also be of benefit. It'll give you a breather, and that may give you enough attention to spare to recognize something very insightful that'll offer a way out of this.

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