Advices For First Astral Travel

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Advices For First Astral Travel

Post by Energy3 » November 30th, 2015, 6:41 am

Hello guys ^ _^ i am new memeber here but last 1 month i was researching about this stuff in this situation how i came to this is less interesting for you so let's directly go to the questions --> What kind of advices can you give me for my first astral travel ? And i want to do a little intorduction so my situation will be more clear for you and answer of this question will be easier so basiclly i know this stuff about vibrations , source, higher self , matrix , lucid dreaming so i can say i am not a total newbie in this topic but ofcourse i can say i don't know anything cuz there is much more to discover the reason of worries i have is that i heared as possitive also negative experiences about astral travel. Yep as you may already think fear is one of the triggers of this worries most of people told me that we all have to go through these experiences we all have to face our fears cuz running from problems isn't a solution but i am very bad at self - protection and removing bad entites and the thing i am worried about is that ok i successed and did my first astral projection okey i oversteped the fear but one thing is to be brave and another thing to be well experienced and well researched cuz if u are figthing against tank with hands your braveness makes no sence you will end up in a bad situaton : P so i ask you exprienced astral travelers there what are most working and trusted tips for:

- Successful and safer Astral Travel
- Self Protection from bad entites
- What possibilities you have while in astral
- What are negative sides of astral travel
and some more facts that you think will be usefull for me i know there will be many posts here but don't think that i am lazy or something like that but i have a very overloaded schedule and only time when i have to read all of these is night but also i need a good night sleep :D so if a very kind person : P who can like make a little summary for the first astral travel
(Also i am afraid that after i go back some bad entite can attach me drain my energy e.t.c , i have no knowledge of self defense and cleaning these "bad" beings from me )

Please Read : 2 Weeks ago i was going to sleep heared these basic wave sounds in my ears and it was like half sleep half awake i didn't feel my body i think that was one of the steps of astral travel to trick body that u are sleeping but brain is awake this happaned by chance i didn't try anything so after few seconds i heared a sounds saying "Tim don't go" and i woke up instatly didn't feel fear or any negative feelings i was just confused lol. so i am now really interested what that sound wanted to say like don't go to astral or don't go from astral i mean it was a message to keep me safe or a message which didn't want me to leave astral (and who could that being be who told me that)

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