What thought it was a free discution .

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What thought it was a free discution .

Post by John12345 » February 27th, 2016, 5:40 pm

Hi I am John12345 , but John . I just like to say its good to join this club . I am looking forward to some good stuff . About 20 od years back I was lay in bed , I wanted to get up but was stuck , awake , unable to move . I was real doing all I can , I dug my heal in bit by bit forcing myself down the bed . I was thinking if I can get my feet on floor I be ok , after a age my heels are over end of bed . I was inching down bit by bit , then my feet were on floor . I stood up it felt strange a strange gray darkness . I know its night still . I walk in hall I never looked around at my self still lay on bed . Then I am in the kitchen still this gray night I had never known before , I turned the light on , nothing I hit the light again still nothing . Then I wake up in the morning .Please how can I do this again . Thanks John

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Re: What thought it was a free discution .

Post by hydro1 » February 28th, 2016, 12:32 am

Hi John welcome to the forum. Do you always experience sleep paralysis during sleep? If so then you can continue to have experiences like that every night. But if not the best way to jave ore experiencs like that is to; after you've had 4 to 5 hours of sleep, upon waking up, just lay there, and stay conscious, if you need something to hold your attention from falling asleep you can either count or pay attention to your breathing, until you reach Sleep paralysis, then do what you did before to get out, if you remember the sensations you felt that can help as well. All in all try to recreate the conditions that you felt at those moments, otherwise you will have to do it the way I described. Just remember don't force it let it flow. The more you force it the harder it is to achieve.

Good luck and happy travels:)
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