Astral Projection

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Astral Projection

Post by seeker » June 20th, 2018, 7:46 pm

Hello everyone,

I am new here. I have had a long journey to come to this point in my life. I have many questions regarding astral projections and how they relate to the pineal gland within the brain. I have never had an out of body experience. I know some people who have but it seems like they are random occurrences. I have read that with proper training, one can channel the mind's energy to harness the ability to leave and return to the body.
I have lost many loved ones, including my daughter. Many nights throughout the month, I will have dreams that she is calling for me to come to her. In some of them, I can actually feel her hugging me and even touch her hair. I will lay in bed and close my eyes and focus my energy on leaving my body. I feel myself start to shake and it is almost as if I am trying to break through some barrier. Some times it gets pretty intense but no success as of yet.
Is it possible that my daughter is calling my astral energy through hers? Is this too complicated of a question? I do not know. I am new to these forums and I thought if maybe I talk to some people who can actually harness that ability I can find the answer. I hope this is the right place to ask these questions.

Thank you everyone so much for any advice that you might have.

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Re: Astral Projection

Post by fairyana » June 26th, 2018, 8:57 am

I'm so sorry to hear your daughter has passed. The astral/dream state is the best way to have a direct contact with the ones that crossed over, so it could well be that there is a calling for you to meet her there. I have visited my grandparents on the other side after I learned how to AP. Astral skills can be a really good tool for spiritual development too. Anyone can develop their astral projection skills and there are several ways of doing it. We all have astral projections during sleep. It's not so much that the spirit leaves the body although that's what it feels like. What happens is that our consciousness expands into different dimensions and the key is learning to control awareness. Since most of us have no control over awareness during AP, the experience overwhelms us and takes us into a crazy ride we know as dreams. You can AP from inside a dream by learning to become lucid and this way you can skip the crazy separation feeling you have when you try the classic method. There are several free books online that teaches techniques. I suggest getting to know them and see which one feels like is the right technique for you.

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