DEILD Technique for Every Aspiring Lucid Dreamer

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What is the most common way that you generate a Lucid Dream? - 2 votes

DEILD - Dream Exit Induced Lucid Dream
WILD - Wake Induced Lucid Dream
DILD - Dream Induced Lucid Dream
MILD - Mnemonic Induced Lucid Dream
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I haven't had a lucid dream yet
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DEILD Technique for Every Aspiring Lucid Dreamer

Post by Jettins \o/ » September 5th, 2012, 9:24 pm

Dream Exit Induced Lucid Dream or DEILD With OBE style exit

This message is a copy from another post. Since this technique applies to everyone, I would like to share it in this forum so the information is more easily accessible.

Here is what you can start reading right now.. It is a technique that if mastered can yield lucid dreams with ease.

Why do I start with this one? because it is a strategy that every conscious dreamer aspirant should know. It will force you to start paying attention to your sleep cycle, and how your body responds in certain conditions. The details will be in the post. For now, read this post thoroughly, understand it and then try to memorize the concept. It is called "DEILD" which stands for Dream Exit Induced Lucid Dream. It can be modified to have conscious separations and produce OBEs. It is likely that you will have questions. Reading it and trying to understand it will create good questions that will then get you ever closer to applying such a powerful way to induce Out of body experiences and Lucid dreams. Don't hesitate to ask any questions as simple as it may be. They are very useful because a passing reader might be having the same predicament.

As with everything some effort is required. But me and the other members of the chat will try to motivate you so that this effort does not feel like a problem. Success is about having a certain mindset. Building this mindset takes time, I will not lie to you. Most people have been conditioned to fall to sleep unconsciously, it is not easy to brake some patterns that render certain techniques useless. But this is the learning curve, as should be expected.


One thing you should start with if you haven't is a dream journal. Every time you wake up in the morning log your experiences as soon as possible. This will help improve your dream recall and help you recognize elements that in time can be used as triggering methods for lucidity. Here is a link that can explain to you the benefits of having a dream journal in more detail:


Regarding meditation, it will be best if that I know you a little better before recommending a meditation strategy. It could be a visual, motion, tactile or even an emotional approach to incubate the idea of lucidity and enhance awareness during your meditations. I will explain more about this to you in future posts so keep posting.

You many also stop by the live chat. A member is likely to be stop by the chat to assist if you wait patiently. Also, you might like to upload a picture. We like to see who we are talking to in this forum :D
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