Skydiving For Connor

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Skydiving For Connor

Post by Summerlander » August 2nd, 2012, 4:42 am

In case you haven't heard, I have a little friend called Connor who is fighting for his life.

Despite having an aggressive form of cancer (Neuroblastoma), the little man is determined to beat "the baddie" inside him and he is still going strong. I've been helping the family as much as I can and I am proud to announce that on the 7th October (no longer on the 2nd September as in the link) I will be doing a tandem skydive to raise money for his fund. The money will go towards paying for his expensive treatment in America which costs a quarter of a million.

Please feel free to sponsor me on the link below. It will be very much appreciated. My wife and kids have already donated some money for this awesome cause.

Thank you all,

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Re: Skydiving For Connor

Post by hydro1 » August 2nd, 2012, 2:35 pm

Hmm sorry to hear that about your friend i'm going thru a tough time my self my granny just died on the 29 from a staff infection because the rehab people weren't turning her in bed after she came out her coma she was paralyzed, blind, and couldn't talk the bacteria from the infection ate her whole left ass cheek off and she finally passed over on the 29 she was like that for 2-3 whole months....anyway i hope your friend gets the treatment he needs take care
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Re: Skydiving For Connor

Post by Summerlander » August 7th, 2012, 6:30 pm

Sorry to hear that, hydro1! My condolences, man! I still have some time and I have been donating some money to help reach my target. I appreciate your concern and all I can say at the moment about this is: fingers crossed. Let's see how this goes, eh?

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