A dreamwalking attempt leading to.. an AP?

Tell us about your favorite experiences, they can be lucid or non-lucid. As long as you feel its worthy of special attention.
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Elysium Mons
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A dreamwalking attempt leading to.. an AP?

Post by Elysium Mons » May 23rd, 2016, 6:10 am

Several months ago, when I was practicing dreamwalking on a nightly scale, I became lucid and remembered to try to find my dreamwalking partner. I spun in place and focused on their energy. When I stopped I found myself in a weird room. I saw the person sitting on a green vinyl chair with wooden arm rests, shelving above him and an open door to his right (my left) that lead to a hallway. Unsure if I was actually in his dream, I walked up to him and told him it's a dream (to help him also become lucid). There was no response, so I shouted "Tom!" in his ear and still no response. I lost stability and woke up.

The next day I texted that person that I dreamwalked and saw him. He asked the time of it, and explained he was at work (a night job at a hospital). I realized what may have happened, and described the room I saw him in. Turns out I perfectly described the breakroom, which he was in at the time.

That was the experience that really got me interested in OBE's and AP.

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Re: A dreamwalking attempt leading to.. an AP?

Post by hydro1 » May 23rd, 2016, 1:59 pm

very cool experience, left me wanting more. I also had an similar experience here in my journal hydro1-journal/lucid-dream-house-sitter-t900.html
and if you are ever interested in any of my many experience here's my journal hydro1-journal/
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