3 mind altering projections

Tell us about your favorite experiences, they can be lucid or non-lucid. As long as you feel its worthy of special attention.
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3 mind altering projections

Post by TomFP » January 24th, 2017, 8:50 am

There are 3 AP's that have left an imprint on my mind:

1) I was in a snowy valley, the moon being a bright large disc illuminating the small cabins hugging the base of the mountains. I walk forward and notice a dark being staring straight at me. Its face was almost completely black save the thousands of scrunched wrinkles which hinted at its contorted face. It gave me the imression of a Native American. I felt no fear and the dark being spoke to me. It told me to kill the elderly couple in the cabin and thusly pointed to its location. I became irrationally angry at it for commanding something so morally abhorrent and I ran towards it with furious intent. We clashed and landed in the snow, my hands were tightly clasped around its throat. I remember my grip was so tight that not even choking sounds escaped its mouth. The being dissolved into the snow and disappeared.

2) I noticed my dead grandfather at my parents house and screamed for joy saying "I thought you were dead?!" He smiled at me and we took a drive in his pickup truck through Toronto. I told him that I would call my nephew because he misses my grandfather so much. My grandpa told me not to bother, that it wouldn't work.

3) I always see a female that I don't recognize that I know I absolutely love, like a family member. Nothing is ever said, but there is a real familial bond that I can't explain. Also, I see a little girl that I feel is my daughter which is strange because I have no kids. I feel like she is a lost relative whom I've never met but love as if she were a close family member. Seeing her brings out more joy than anything I've experienced in waking life.
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Re: 3 mind altering projections

Post by hydro1 » January 24th, 2017, 4:04 pm

1. beings on the astral most don't comprehend death and life like we do, especially the ones that has never been human, that being probably wasn't originally Native American, but turned into it to suit you, this also could have been a test, the astral does a lot of that, but its your experience only you can really interpret it, cause you know your own life trials.

2. wow that's cool, its good to see a diseased loved one on the astral, I've had a few run in my self with my mom and granny and grandpa a lot, I have the experiences here on the site in my journal, as for him saying it wouldn't work its because, he was either still awake in the physical world, also phones don't work on the astral, and you would only be interacting with his astral counterpart which probably wouldn't be able to confirm unless he is aware.

3. they are probably loved ones from a past life, if you really want to know try exchanging knowledge by hugging them, hugging in the astral is like an exchange between two beings. Good luck man hope you succeed in seeing them again to apply this action.
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Re: 3 mind altering projections

Post by fairyana » February 2nd, 2017, 5:00 pm

Intense and awesome! :)

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