January 14, 2011 Heavy Double Body

Tell us about your favorite experiences, they can be lucid or non-lucid. As long as you feel its worthy of special attention.
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January 14, 2011 Heavy Double Body

Post by Jettins \o/ » October 13th, 2011, 2:04 am

After watching an episode of Ancient Aliens on the History channel I felt very tired and went to lay down for a nap. About a minute later I heard a very high pitch screeching sound accompanied with a higher cycle vibration. (usually it would be a lower pitched or more of a subtle sensation) My mind was extremely tired and I knew that if I didn't do something about that I would probably lose consciousness, so immediately after I noticed the screeching sound I started to count very fast while attempting to move out of my body. Initially it felt like I was going to have difficulty rolling out of my body, but once I was outside something was different. I was very heavy unlike a usual OBE. The effects of gravity where greater than in physical waking reality, approximately 2x than normal. This denser and heavier state made me super conscious. My emotional responses, ability to reason and vividness where an exact copy of my physical waking reality. The objects had their own density and weight, and my favorite reality check failed (fingers through the palm of the hand). I looked to the window and noticed it a bright multicolor light passing through outside and behind the closed blinds and curtains, it must have been a strong light to leak through.

I struggled for a moment to regain my balance. I then heard a voice talking directly to my mind, it was the voice of a friend guiding me. He said to me: "The way is on the left", I responded "oh thanks so much man, you know I have high regards for you", he replied "yeah I know, thanks". I went out the door and through the living room. I felt a creepy feeling even though it was daytime because of the realness of it. (I have a feeling that maybe I would have been visible to someone in the living room, because I know I was really there) I walked as quickly as I could to exit the house. I applied the force required to open the door nob.

I then realized it was the same as waking reality. My thoughts at the time where that if I didn't know I could wake up or was in a type of astral realm, I would without a shadow of a doubt believe that I was 100% in the real waking physical life. As I type this experience right now, I feel this could still be a type of illusion. It's beyond profound to put into words. Which one is more real, really? Do we even know what the reality of human perception is? Its utterly ridiculous for me to believe that this waking physical reality is all that exists after all this.

I saw a car parked in the driveway, it was a black Honda Accord, early 2000 model. I was curious to see a different car in the driveway, so I opened the door and checked inside for documents. I found a wallet and the most significant paper I found was the business card of a re alter (those people that sell homes). I got out of the car and walked towards the street.

As I walked a bit worried and very thoughtful about what was going on, I saw a black Honda CRX (probably a 1987-88 model) pull into my driveway. I believe he saw me from the distance standing in front of the house as he drove in my street. I was surprised to see the physics of all this mimic waking physical reality, absolutely. A black man gets out of the car and looks at me extremely angry, as if ready to strike. My first reaction was to try and call him down, so just apologized for no particular reason. I said to him: "Hey man, I am sorry ok", he responded "you better well damn be". The exchange of words seem to control the situation, but I still felt threatened. A moment later I woke up in the bed.

Unfortunately the incident was interrupted and was not able to investigate further. This one is unique in the sense that I believe the man is very real, and also very dead, trapped in the astral while believing he is in waking reality. ouch! :shock:
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Re: January 14, 2011 Heavy Double Body

Post by PauliEffect » December 14th, 2012, 9:55 am

This seemed like a very cool experience. I've had only (at most) three of those real-as-reality
experiences, and all have been very short and dropped into LDs or regular dreams.

How many of these experiences of these have been so real that you had the feeling
that "this is absolutely like real reality", with real awareness?

Have they all been without reality fluctuations (Alice-in-Wonderland-effects)?

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