Nexus Event - Understanding Encouters in the Astral Realms

Tell us about your favorite experiences, they can be lucid or non-lucid. As long as you feel its worthy of special attention.
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Nexus Event - Understanding Encouters in the Astral Realms

Post by Jettins \o/ » July 27th, 2012, 10:07 pm

Experience #681 from July 27, 2012 called “Nexus event”.

This is an interesting experience so I will include my interpretation and thoughts as I write about to break it down. It was a non-lucid type of experience the first half.

The first memory that I have is being with my brother inside an apartment complex. A beautiful woman approaches and gives me a kiss in the cheek as it is customary to do in my country as a greeting. I say hello and introduce myself. I leave the apartment with my brother to do other things. The woman comes out from the apartment dressed differently and gives me seductive look as she walks by. She mentions having to do some strange thing as the reason for leaving the apartment. I knew it was just an excuse to see me so I told her she didn’t have to do that and to go back inside. She walks back inside the apartment. Circumstances that I don’t remember brought me back into the apartment. I see a little baby girl of about 3 years old, she is coming to hug me. I realize this was the daughter of the women I had seen earlier. The woman finds me and approaches with a smile.

At this point this experience was non-lucid; it felt dreamlike in the sense that if what happened next had not happened I would have thought it was simply my psyches way of purging mundane thoughts and making me aware of aspects of my inner being.

I woke up paralyzed, but I could still see around my bedroom very clearly. It became a hyper realistic and vivid experience. I became lucid. The same woman was sitting in a chair near my bedroom. She was invisible but was able to tell it was her by the voice. I could barely see visible outline of her sitting in the chair as if the “space” she was in had a different density.

Me: I am not able to see you, but I can hear you very well

Woman: open and close your eyes see if you can regain the vision

At this point I am still very paralyzed but able slightly lift my head to see the surroundings in my room. I used my eye focusing technique as when attempting to induce trance states to see if I could “auto tune” my state of being into the specific dimension she was in. I did this for about 20 seconds which felt particularly long because I was paralyzed. I still could not to “tune in” properly. I was only able to see her for fractions of a second and then invisible again.

Me: it’s not working, why don’t you touch me

At this point I remember that during other encounters similar to this one I realized realities blended with beings when they touched me. It would be like jumping into the psyche or dream of another being for a collective and subjective experience. Why subjective? Because elements of the unconscious are ever present. Even thought it was only fractions of a second that I saw her, I was able to see that she could not make herself look pretty in that particular dimension.

Instead of touching my feet as I expected, she comes and climbs on top of me. I am still much paralyzed and I can’t move. I feel the pressure of her weight and see the clear outline of an invisible or ghostly like being.

The bedroom itself was very clear and the experience itself felt very vivid and realistic. I quickly thought to myself maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. She grabs my head with her invisible hand and kisses me. At this point I am still paralyzed. I remembered what Michael said about sleep paralysis and things being out of alignment. I focused on attempting to align my subtle body with my physical body to regain mobility but it was too late, I was pulled into or taken into a dream. Moments later I opened my eyes again after sensing a shift and I was now able to see her in front of me.

It appears that I merged into a dream experience where there was at least the psyche another being involved. It was very telling to see the women now looked particularly fat and very ugly. It points out to me that this wasn’t my dream anymore indeed. It appears that she initially found me in my dream, jumped out of my dream while I was waking up to find me in sleep paralysis, and then her attempt to bring me back with her cause me to become exposed to the elements driving the portions of her psyche that pertain to me. I will explain below.

I would like to add something here before I continue. I was reading an interesting book earlier and found the following that I would like to quote:

“When you consider your own consciousness you think of it as “a thing”, or a unit – an invisible something that might be held in invisible hands perhaps. Instead consciousness is a particular quality of being. Each portion of “it” contains the whole, so theoretically as far as you are concerned, you can leave your body and be in it simultaneously.”

The statement reminds me of a kind of psychic exploration into consciousness. When someone goes into explore and expanded their awareness they may realize that they are also expanding their identification. The identification or psyche is expanded to such an extent that the intimate awareness of another individual is often a significant portion of our own consciousness. This process appears to be what allows two or more individuals to create subjective reality. This will then create a merger in consciousness to experience a new dimension of reality. Each individual brings their own “state of being” (or the personalized elements of the psyche), into a collective experience becoming a “dimension of being”.

In today’s experience:

My unconscious then reacted to the conscious input of her being injecting elements into the experience. Then her consciousness reacted based on the feedback form my unconscious and then I consciously reacted based on the feedback creating a loop of seamless injections. This loop then creates a visual drama or game to play out in an attempt to normalize the psyche of those involved.

Very quickly the beings involved are unable to determine the origin of the injected elements which then causes the unprepared being to become easily scared, confused, overbearing, angry or overpowering as a defense mechanism of the unconscious (or conscious if the individual is aware but unwilling to accept). One psyche cannot dominate the other even at an unconscious level without this sort of problem. This appears to be why disturbed or confused beings have a tendency to be solitary (even demonic & negative). This defense mechanism prevents the needed changes for the normalization of the psyche, or the changes that lead to re-integration or access to other dimensions of being. When this process is complete new dimensions of beings become accessible and like-minded individuals can commune in harmony. In physical reality we can hide away our issues, but if you think you can do that while in the astral think again.

Since my main focus at all levels is to comprehend, it then stimulated the creation of a drama in order for me to understand the psyche of the being in question. Say for example my conscious decisions based on the psychic input of my unconscious determined that “comprehension” can best take the form of “liberation” in a particular experience. This then further drives the drama in such a way to determine the origin of the defense mechanism. When this unfolds the crisis point or climax is reached causing an opening window for the possibility of liberation. Back to the story:

Moments later I opened my eyes again after sensing a shift and I was now able to see her in front of me. I get up from the bed because I am no longer paralyzed. I looked around and realized that I was no longer in my bedroom. I quickly looked out the window to see outside. It was my instinct to do so. I see a man outside looking very angry at me. He starts to walk around appearing to walk towards the entrance of the apartment.

Woman: the girls are coming and they are going to take pictures

I sensed this negativity coming out of the whole scenario and I didn’t like it. I made the decision that I was not going to be bothered by the negativity of the scenario. I walked out the apartment see the girls coming and then I take off flying away.

I flew over a small lake and landed. Suddenly I get this incredible burst of hyper vividness, realism and intuition.

Me: (thinking to myself) I know this place, I’ve been here before. I know what to do.

I then see the man running towards me with an incredible rage screaming, “I CREATED THIS, I CREATED THIS” looking like he wanted to rip me apart. He was only a few meters away now and coming closer very fast when suddenly…

An audible internal female voice suddenly said: “Jump into the stone structure”. I quickly jumped and instantly a path of land lifts itself from the ground from the bottom of the lake creating a path. At the same time the lake quickly become smaller and other interesting elements started to merge into the reality. A big climbing wall of about 30 feet tall created itself at the end of the path. I flew tracing the path as it wasn’t particularly direct. I reached the wall but could only fly about half way because I had to climb the rest of it, a barrier was in place. The man is behind me screaming and climbing the wall very quickly but I knew that if I reached the top first I would succeed. I reached the top and his arms came off his torso and falls off the ledge to the ground. I looked down and he looked very dead. I flew down to the ground.

I see the women walking towards me. She was more beautiful than before with an irradiating beauty and eyes wide open and shinning that gave me a sense of happy wonderment. I wake up.

1. It appears me that that there wasn’t a 3rd individual involved here

2. The angry man being an element generated by the intrusion of my state of being into her psyche.

3. Or the reverse, the angry man being an element generated by the intrusion of her state of being into my psyche.

It appears to me that option #2 is the most probable because of the observations of her behavior as she appeared to inject herself in the non-lucid portion of my dream, the way she looked invisible while I was in sleep paralysis and her method to bring me back into the Astral Dimensions using seduction, something I would have not done.

If option #1 is incorrect and there actually was a 3rd being, this means that it wasn’t an element of her psyche, but another actual deranged individual that was terrorizing her and others.

If option #3 is correct then it means there will be a new shift in my experiences, I will have to wait to determine the validity of this.

Either way, the interactions between the totalities of our make-up appears to have caused a sort of resolution of interesting significance in her view. Could this be the reason why I met this particular individual instead of another? It appears to be so. It always appears to be so again and again. Is this why I am being endowed with this knowledge and ability? What will I choice? or did I already choice and I am simply in the process of finding out?

Why did you call it Nexus event?

The experience after this one #682, a lucid dream an hour later seems to point that probabilities have collapsed or have been narrowed down. I do not know towards what as of yet. In the lucid dream I knew time had collapsed and some future events that where going to affect my psyche had sassed to exist. This was a positive experience.
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Re: Nexus Event - Understanding Encouters in the Astral Real

Post by hydro1 » July 28th, 2012, 2:21 pm

Wow nice exp it was alot going on i see...your bro was with you again...was the lady being not interested in him?....i guess she liked you more because she could probably sense you energy....its hard to resist sexual i congradulate you on that....
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