Demon Terrorist Airport Simulated Poltergeist

Tell us about your favorite experiences, they can be lucid or non-lucid. As long as you feel its worthy of special attention.
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Demon Terrorist Airport Simulated Poltergeist

Post by universallogic » August 28th, 2012, 8:45 am

In a bad situation that I want out of. Terrorism Violence and death. I hear a voice of the hostage taker. He is calling out for people. His voice is deep but then it starts to change and become lighter. It is a weird sound. Then suddenly it's a child... I somehow know it is the source of all this death. It keeps saying my name, over and over. I am afraid to look for where it's coming from, believing that it will kill me if I look at it or if it finds me if I see it in it's true form.

I try not to pay attention to it and try to ignore it, hiding among the other simulated hostages here in this artificial world but it's too late because now, it knows i'm in it's world and that I don't belong there. It's detected me. I can sense that it's looking for me and it's floating around place to place (like it's inside my thoughts and I am inside it's.)

The demon finally finds me and I am forced to look at it, but when I do, I 'wake up' into another dream world that is a simulation of my bedroom. And I see a child version of myself sitting in my chair that I sit in. the image of it is like a celluloid cartoon character that shimmers back and forth as if it were charged with some kind of energy coating or plasma shell. It reminded me of a viewmaster 3D stereoscopic, the way it seemed out of place, or 'extradimensional'...

I realize it shouldn't be in my chair, it then looks at me and gives me a creepy face, maybe a smile? It then proceeds to move or float out of the chair and towards the door. The way this thing is moving is choppy, almost glitchy almost like a flipbook animation but much slower at less than half the frames per second. It reaches the door and moves through. I get out of bed and try to follow it but can't open the door. the door is blocked or obstructed.

I notice at the bottom of the door that there is a small stand with a portable television on it. I look at the television, seeing the black and white snow knowing this shouldnt be here either, knowing that nothing here or inside it is real. (NOTE: I think that the 'ghost' tried to trap 'ME' with this television and pull me into another dream!)

I cannot seem to turn the simulated television off. I find a knob to turn the static sound off though. The silence calms me for a second until I suddenly hear that ghostly voice again calling out my name from inside the television. I try to break the television, and wake up. (I guess successful?)

This sounds like a contact with a ghost but it's really not. I am literate enough with my symbols to know that it is just my unconscious mind trying to 'scare' me into going lucid. My unconcious mind literally resorted to terrorism by scaring me with myself. But I just cannot seem to do it, I break televisions, not program them...

Something inspired by this dream, it's simulations and constructs:

[Third person mode] This machine is mindless.
[Objective mode] Every machine including the machine itself is mindless.
[God mode] unintelligible speech, 'mystical' experience (experience that does not line up 1-to-1; 'schizic'), laughter.

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Re: Demon Terrorist Airport Simulated Poltergeist

Post by Jettins \o/ » August 28th, 2012, 3:45 pm

it is just my unconscious mind trying to 'scare' me into going lucid
Interesting experience. I've had more than a few similar experiences. I am wondering, what are kind of activities or occurrences happen when you are Lucid in your dreams?

Keep posting, very interesting read!
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Re: Demon Terrorist Airport Simulated Poltergeist

Post by hydro1 » August 28th, 2012, 3:54 pm

Hmm it seems when you finally came face to face with the entrapped you with in one of your make you think you excaped its grasp to another dream when in that reality you are trapped....i think that tv that you saw was your way out to face the demon face to face...but since it wanted to scare you it made you get a bad vibe from the tv ( your excape portal).which suceeded cause you broke it....this is just my veiw of your exp....maybe that cartoonish being was implanted by the demon to throw you off....or maybe i watch too much tv with that kinda stuff happening lol....either way that is what i got from your exp...moral of the exp face your fears lol...again just my thoughts.
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