My first reoccuring dream

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My first reoccuring dream

Post by tomcat941 » November 29th, 2011, 4:17 pm

I have had two similiar dreams. The exact same theme, but different in each of them.
In the first dream i commited a murder, but was caught very easily. My drama teacher was interrogating me. I was guilty, but i was not regretting the murder, i was regretting getting caught. THen i managed to change it so that it wasn't my fault. THe dream became different, as i changed it so that it was a 'fake murder' in a drama lession, and it was a game, where one person was the murderer, and the drama teacher had to guess who it was.
In the second dream i was also a murderer, but i was far more successful. I had killed two people already, and no one could catch me. I was reminded of Jack the Ripper while in the dream. I was in a courtyard of somesort, and my family car was there, and it was covered in blood. For some reason i couldn't use it, and i was suddenly annoyed i had brought it, because i knew it could leave fingerprints behind, or be recognised. I called a taxi, but the women was really awkward, and asking about parents permission, and got in a debate with me over it. I started walking away because i could see someone watching me from the shadows. The next thing i know i'm in a car chase, but i don't get very far, and i end up getting caught and sent to this army jail thing. While there, i managed to bring someone back to life after they got shot (there seemed to be a game of cowboys and indians going on, but instead of using footballs, it used guns) by hitting there arm lots of times. She was dressed in full army uniform. Then there was something strange about the chips, and there was like illegal chips which was soft, and legal chips there were straight and small. We got found out for eating the illegal chips. Then i was in another part of the prison but this time with my family, and i started telling them on how i was a sociopath and not a physcopath, adn what the difference was, btu they kept interrupting me, so i got pissed off. I changed the history of the dream so that the murders weren't murders, and that i was innocent, and me and my family walked out of the jail.

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