experiences with shadow people

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experiences with shadow people

Post by tomcat941 » November 10th, 2011, 3:42 pm

I have been busy for the last three weeks, but I’m back now, and with a new post on the shadow people. I am going to list my three main experiences with Shadow people, for these are the ones i can't dissprove to myself, so i count them as official. Then i will post some other experience, which i don't really count as there are possible scientific explanations for them that i can think of.

First experience 0-4 years old

In my old house. Every night pretty much, in the same place. In the hall way below the stairs and heading towards the kitchen. i remember being incredible scared of that place. In the hallway there was a broad figure, that was completely black. I saw no eyes or hats (they have been described by some people encountering shadow people) It was humanoid in shape, but it was too large, and its shoulders were to broad for it to possible be human. Fear gripped me and I sensed a malevolent energy. When it touched me I blacked out. That was my first OOB experience. I could see my body, on top of the covers (which Is weird, as I had/have insomnia, and I can’t sleep unless under the covers) and I was floating above. It was so vivid, and there was a man and a women arguing about me in the background. I was slowly descending on my body, until I hit him it with full force, like I crashed into the ground. My perspective switched so suddenly from the air, to my own body, it was scary. This was my most intense experience with a shadow person in my old house

Second experience 6ish?

It was daytime, and I was on a nature walk with my family. Being young, I was rushing ahead, and looking around for anything interesting. Then I looked to the side, and there was a type of clearing, that dipped down a bit. There was a shadow person (for lack of a better name) floating away from me. I was staring straight at it for at least 5 seconds before it disappeared into the air. I was not scared of this one, but interested and curious. I had the feeling it was heading somewhere, and that it wasn’t interested in me. This was certainly an interesting experience due to its length and the fact it was at day, and it was in the middle of my vision.

Third experience 12/13

It was night-time in my house (different house) and I couldn’t sleep, because I was really scared, and I could hear voices in my head, which was of course a frightening experience for anyone. I went out my room and stood in the hallway by the stairs (I was upstairs) so I could see every place that someone could come from. I then moved to my parents door (which was locked btw) so that If I got in trouble I could quickly nock and get help. While there, I looked down the stairs, and then a figure rushed past and went into my brothers room (also locked) It was terrifying. It looked different to the rest. It was tall and skinny and much quicker. I was looking straight at it, and there was a phone, and a small table behind it, which was covered when it passed, suggesting it was more than a shadow. It may have been hallucination but I doubt it, because I know I was in my right mind, despite the voices that sounded like replays from the day which you normally get just before you fall asleep.

Other experiences (can’t prove them to myself, or they’re dreams or not about shadow people in a way)

At the same time as my first experience I had a dream. In this dream I ran into the hallway, and then the shadow person was there. I ran into the living room, where my family were. Its hands stretched towards me and grabbed me and began pulling it towards me, and my Nan was trying to hold me back. The force was more than its dark arms, it was a pull, as if I was being sucked. I very vivid and frightening dream.
Also during that time, I saw strange things. For example, my dad had just painted the small window above my door white, so that it was no long see through. I remember lying in bed staring around, and I looked at the white panel above my door, and there was a silhouette of a women pushing a baby carriage. Then, soldiers (they were holding guns and marching) appeared, and trampled the women.
Also, closer to the time of the third experience, I was on my laptop. The light was on, and I was sitting on my sofa, which faced a long wardrobe mirror. I looked up for a moment into the mirror, and on the wall behind my was a strange shadow like person with arms stretching out towards me. I fled the room quickly, and didn’t go up stairs until I had too, to sleep.
Other experiences include seeing things out of the corner of my eyes, such as people watching me from windows, or from across the yard, or in the corner of my eye. They don’t’ really count as many people have these and it isn’t always ghost. I have also had the sense of someone being around, and I use to get a strong sense of someone chasing me or following me from upstairs, which again, could just be paranoia.

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