Astral projection in dream

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Astral projection in dream

Post by tomcat941 » November 29th, 2011, 4:08 pm

So yeah, i had an interesting dream recently, that i'd like to share with your. Seems my dreams have become more vivid over the last few days, and more confusing aswell. I can't remember when i had this dream, i suspect it was over the weekend, or on monday, but it could also have been Friday. It's odd, because usually i remember what day (depending how long ago the dream was) i dreamt, even if i can't remember the dream, because i always have a memory of me waking up and thinking about it (especially as i have slept in defferent place over the last few days). I remember this one on the bus, and can't place when it happened, all i know is that it did.
I was laying on my bed, trying to AP (this is in the dream) and i went through the similiar feelings. Then i had this click in my thought process, and i realised how natural and easy it was all along, and where i had been going wrong. Then my body began to glow blue, and i felt vibrations pulse throughout my body. Then, i felt myself seperate, as if i was peeled from my physical body (kinda like you peel a sticker off the plastic thing its comes with) and i was in my room. I was thinking normally (no strange dream thoughts) and i was thining about how i would post on here, and how i had done it. Then i started exploring my room, but my vision wasn't clear, and it was like the room was dissolving. It turned into white, and the experience ended, and so did the dream.
I highly doubt this was an AP experience, as i would probably remember it as it was, however, it was an insanely vivid dream, and very clear, almost lucid, but i didn't think i was dreaming, but i was acting how i would in real life, and thinking lucidly, and reacting to the situation. The feelings were intense aswell, i can remember, and almost feel it just be thining about the dream. Very strange, yet very cool.

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