Lucid Dream A

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Lucid Dream A

Post by Zyier » September 6th, 2015, 12:14 pm

During my dream last night I had a moment of lucidity after I started flying around on a toy shark. I said at first "I'm flying" as if it were normal then with the realization that it wasn't I shouted. "I'M FLYING!
I took off at full speed as some long eel like fish formed in the air and continued to gain height. "I want to go to space" I said as the sky changed color as i got higher and higher.
Then I started to loose the ability to fly. "No no no!" I exclaimed as I fell back to the earth. "Well I'll just walk around". I walked to the a building in front of the shore where I saw a guy leaning on some railing.
I walked up to him and asked him his name. He replied with some unique name that started with a j then said. "You meet me before earlier in your dream"
"Did I?" I replied "I definitely won't forget this time" after our conersation a storm started up from the sea but it didn't seem normal.
The last thing that happen was the guy explained that someone was causing the storm and ruining things for people there.

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