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Parallel Universe Awareness

Posted: February 28th, 2017, 3:53 am
by Mareimbrium
Hi guys recently I had read that Physicist and Author Fred Wolf believed that lucid dreams are actually visits to parallel universes. He has stated that lucid dreams might better be called " Parallel Universe Awareness." Due to the fact that I do have a lot of lucid dreams I decided that tonight I would put the intention out there that I would have a lucid dream, but also to have a guide present to answer the many questions I was sure to have. The image I presented to my minds eye was of me standing in the street outside my house, where upon a guide would approach and we would have a good old chin wag. Upon falling asleep I began dreaming the usual mixed up nonsensical rubbish, one dream drifting into another until finally I found myself standing outside my house. It was night and the street and pavement were wet as if it had been raining, there was no wind or traffic and all was quiet. As I looked around I became lucid, I also noticed I was not alone my brother Colin stood near. This in fact was not a solid lucid dream as I began talking to my brother as if he were actually there. I began to explain Fred Wolfs theory on lucid dreaming and I also began demonstrating how to fly. I noticed my brother seemed uninterested in flying, he did try in a half hearted sort of way but was unsuccessful, I was about 10ft off the ground when the dream ended. The positive result of this is the fact that I got a short semi lucid dream simply by my intention, and I suspect that just maybe that wasn't my brother but the guide I had asked for. The down side is if that was a guide, by looking like my brother I didn't ask any questions so missed an opportunity.

Re: Parallel Universe Awareness

Posted: February 28th, 2017, 4:20 am
by hydro1
cool experience, I think it shouldn't be hard to tell a guide disguised as your brother from the real person. did you pay attention to the details of your brother, or it didn't really bother you cause you thought he was a dream character? also if the whole parallel universe theory is true wouldn't dream characters be more Important to pay attention to to learn from them, but that seems not the case with dreamers/LDer, they try to pay more attention to themselves, unlike me I like to interact with the characters. I did however learn something from you and your experience tho it should be obvious to any LDer that even in dreams guides can be mistook as just a character and that what I been trying to pursuit thru astral projection, can possibly be pursued thru LDing. i'm trying to meet with my higherself to try to unlock that which is locked within sothat I can reach my full potential and become the person I always wanted to be.

Re: Parallel Universe Awareness

Posted: February 28th, 2017, 11:58 pm
by Mareimbrium
Hi Hydro1 yeh your right about paying attention to detail but as I said I was only semi lucid and my attention was more focused on the dreamscape rather than my brother. I like to think if this person had have been a stranger I would have watched him more closely but in my semi lucid state it was like " oh yeh its my bro no big deal " I think you hit the nail on the head with your observation about dreamscape characters within the Parallel Universe theory, perhaps they are not dream stuff but actual entities existing within that realm. More practise and observation when im lucid dreaming cheers Hydro1.

Re: Parallel Universe Awareness

Posted: January 18th, 2018, 2:24 pm
by Diva3747
Do you think that is where ISo generally my stories on Astral Projection are quite beautiful, this ISN'T one of those stories.. last night I had sleep paralysis (I knew if I just allowed it to happen that I would likely AP so I allowed it and didn't fight it) I was in what looked like a labodatory..I seen on entity with horns on the side of his head right beside me... another entity that looked like a robot next to the horned being.. an alien looking being beside the robot being and finally a humanish looking guy with a clipboard (I think) in his hand.. I first asked the alien entity "who are you" he took two steps closer to me.. looked at me.. then walked away with out saying a word.. I then asked the guy with the clipboard and I said , "Where am I?". The guy looks up at me and says, "Somewhere you don't want to be... Fear Club... Night Club" I was getting scared and made a conscious effort not too cause I wasn't sure if they could steal my energy or not. I decided to leave, and as I was leaving I said something about God/good being superior to evil.. I noticed that ALL the beings on that top floor club house were all at the windows shaking their fists at me.. when I got outside everything was pitch black. Couldn't see a thing. I told myself "wake up, open your eyes!!" And I did.

What you think?? I normally post my amazing experiences... but the last two days showed literally the DARKER side!! was? This is my story.