Astral Hand through bed

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Astral Hand through bed

Post by Pac » January 30th, 2012, 11:18 pm

I had went to bed. Relaxed because tried; I went for a long walk that day. So, here I am in bed... relaxed. I do some quick breathing exercises before I notice that I couldn't recognize were my hand was. I didn't notice it went numb, and I couldn't feel what angle in was facing. I really wasn't that worried, and tried to not notice it as much. The more I didn't notice it, the more all different parts of my body became more numb, including my hand becoming more numb. I was struck by SP in under a minute, a good record.

I decided I'd play around with it just for a little. I wasn't too keen of trying to induce in a full blown OOBE. I kept relaxed in that state and all of a sudden, my right hand had dropped into the bed... into the mattress. It fell as if there as a thin layer of plastic and a layer of sand covering the plastic, when my arm pushed into that 'plastic' (per say) my hand felt as if it perished below the 'plastic'.
The more I noticed my hand falling, the more i'd rise back to it's normal angle. That exact night, I had a LD. I think it was SP I had, was it.

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