Message in the Board - The Truck Driver

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Message in the Board - The Truck Driver

Post by Jettins \o/ » May 10th, 2012, 8:15 pm

In experience #582 from today May 10, 2012 I feel my legs slowly rising, I pulled them down to the ground and stood up next to the bed. There was something writing in a board with a green marker. I do not remember exactly what it said, but it was a message left by someone in the board. It wanted to let me know where, whoever left the message had gone. I remember trying to recall who it was while in the experience, as I did so an outline of a commercial truck appeared in the wall “the truck driver” I thought. I will now jump to experience #522 as it might have a relationship.

I found an image that is similar to what i saw:

In experience #552 from April 19, 2012 called “Boy Reyes doesn’t know he’s dead”. I was standing outside my house and the cars in front of my home where floating in the air. A dog was attached to a car by a leech and when it saw me the dog came after me flying. I flew away from it as I don’t have a thing with dogs. I felt myself back in the bed I looked again and the dog was stuck half way between the walls. “It tried to follow me”.

Moments later a man crosses the wall and gets in front of my face as if checking me, to see if I was actually acknowledging him. I this point I am still in the bed, I get up and start talking to him. In short he said his name was Reyes and was a truck driver from Miami and was looking for his father. He was short and bold. But I think he only looked like a boy because he was lost like a little boy. Pictures are on top of my bed and he starts showing them to me. Usual family photos in front of sceneries but also some disturbing images of child abuse. I told him he was dead. Intuiting his desperation/anger and to avoid a possible confrontation I kept him talking and then I told him, “We’ll find someone that can help you find your father”. I do not remember much of what happened next, except that I was walking and talking next to a woman and saying to her, “We need to be careful with this one, he’s unstable” and showing her a scratch mark he had made when he first approached me. Reyes was walking a few meters ahead with another person. Looks like we had found someone who could help.

I do not have a way of verifying if the message in the board in today’s experience is from Reyes the truck driver. It’s an interesting match; it makes sense to me that he might try to let me know where he went.

Anyone would like to share astral experiences that seem to have gotten closure, I would like to read about it. I hope you don't fit it annoying that I write the experience # when talking about an experience. I want to start writing a book soon and want to have some of my experience already logged in another forum. Have a great day!
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