Visiting Ancient Egypt - Telepathic Voice

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Visiting Ancient Egypt - Telepathic Voice

Post by Jettins \o/ » June 13th, 2012, 12:58 am

Experience #621 called “Visiting Ancient Egypt” from June 12, 2012. I found myself inside a very large structure with my brother and sister. Suddenly I tell them “Hey, you realize that we can fly?” them my brother responds “Yes, but for that we have to be dreaming”. I then started slowly rising up in the air; my brother and sister looked in wonderment. “Hey, you can do it too” I go for a spin around this rectangular structure that was mostly empty; it looked like and indoor courtyard that was about 15 feet high. I become lucid doing so.

I landed nearby and said:

Me: Imagine that you are going to take off like superman, and then do a quick jump like this.

We bent the knees and raise our arms, and then we jump. Instantly we were touching the stone ceiling as If we had appeared there.

Me: You see it’s very easy

We started slowly falling down to the ground.

Me: It’s like writing a sentence. First you write a letter, and then a word, and then the sentences just flow. What we did was just a little part of this. We engage in small talk.

Suddenly a person that looked like a genuine Egyptian walks into the large structure we were in. The Egyptian responds to my brother as if it was me who was speaking through him.

Me: Wait a second, that’s a real Egyptian there.

I started looking around with more detail to see where I was. I could see that everything was made of stone and a wide entrance connected the outside of the structure.

Me: Of course my intention this morning was to visit Ancient Egypt. I am really here, brother come with me.

I walked towards the entrance of the structure and saw several large pillars and stairs leading down to the ground level. I instruct my brother to put his hand in one of the pillars.

Me: Now close your eyes and say “Ancient Egypt”

My brother does the same. I then opened my eyes and didn’t notice changes. I was still in the same place in the entrance of the structure.

Me: yes, this is a good sign; the pyramids should be on top of us or nearby.

I looked at the surrounding and noticed an interesting dome structure. The dome was a very large oval structure built into the ground. It looked like it was either made of cement or carved into stone, similar to the Arecibo Observatory. It was painted inside delineating a map of the world.

Me: It looks like the world as it appears today. Come, let’s fly out of here.

My brother instantly disappears

Me: It must only be for me to see

I started flying up and towards the dome structure and to look for the pyramids. I wanted to see the pyramids at their peak in history. Suddenly a force outside my control flipped me in midair, instead of looking down into the ground I was looking up into the sky. I could see the sun that looked like the size of a quarter at arm’s length. It was very bright, but there were also some clouds going in front of the sun as I flew. Behind the sun I could see the outline of a map and symbols that appeared to be legends of this map. One of the legends was particular interesting to me because it showed an analog clock the size of a dime at arm’s length displaying the time 1:22pm. The number 22 was of particular significance to me because I have seen it many times during seemingly unrelated experiences. Everywhere I go, the number 22 will be in one form or another. In TV channels, newspaper, papers, clocks, calendars, written down, spoken and handed to me, it always finds a way into my experiences in very peculiar ways.

Me: the number 22 again

Then suddenly I start flying through an area of the sky that didn’t have any clouds, and the full force of the sun shines in my face. Instinctively I lifted both my arms to cover my face, but when I did, I had a book in my hands; I used it for a moment to cover the sun from directly hitting my eyes. The rays of the sun where shinning around this book I was holding forcing me to see it. I heard a internal and audible or telepathic voice outside of my control that said the following exact words:

Voice: “He finally started reading it on the 22”

The cover of the book was mostly of a red/orange color and had a drawing of a circle closer to the top right corner, the circle possibly representing the sun. It also had a sketch type drawing of some form. If anyone has seen a book similar to the description please let me know.

My visual scape suddenly disappears and I only see blackness, I still feel my arms extended forwards holding the book. I lower my arms still feeling the book and also feeling my back against the bed. I faded into wakefulness.


Before I went to sleep, I briefly thought about going to Ancient Egypt. I had decided to slow down with the telepathic attempts and to let it happen on its own. Instead of pushing it, I would instead open myself for it to happen when it has to happen. Knowing the nature of my experience, it appears that knowledge does find its way into them as I become receptive. The experience itself found a perfect way to interact with me.

As I was told telepathically by a being during one of the most powerful encounters I’ve had when I asked: “Why did you take little boy form”, the self-identified angel replied, “We had to make less changes” (Experience #157). It appears that states of being if in alignment become receptive to the forces that can then blend in with our experience creating a bridge to them. All visual experiences appear to go through the decoding mechanism of our interpretation or the associated metaphors of our state of being. These become the symbols tailored to our psyche during our experiences. It appears to create a magnet that functions as a bridge to allow experiences to take place.

The telepathic angel during that experience took little boy form because it better identified and connected with my state of being at that particular moment. For his life force to be able to interact with me, and for me to be able to acknowledge his presence, little boy was the most appropriate form. Similar to my experience today, it also had to made “less changes” for it to manifest, as with the little boy. It had to make “less changes” because after the force flipped me, I became conducive and receptive to it By my choices, my thoughts, my emotions, my intentions, my purpose all those things that make me unique.

I have reached the limit of my confidence. I do not think it can be any better until I start using my recliner again. I am tempted to start using it again, but I am not sure what part of me wants to use it. So I will try to wait until next year as planned. Yesterday I was thinking that I should slow things down, do more reading and reassess things. This experience comes very timely, it appears to re-confirm things. I do not know if 22 is simply another incident of the number 22, but this number 22 experience appears to have at least some significance. I shall look for this book.
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