Partial separation while sitting on the recliner

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Partial separation while sitting on the recliner

Post by Kenty » June 17th, 2012, 6:20 am

After waking up this morning after about 6 or 7 hours of sleep, and searching for dreams of that night, I got quite dissatisfied with my dream recall again, because I only remembered two fragments from different dreams of that night. I then went to the bathroom, and when returning I thought that I would become even more dissatisfied when I would go back to bed and sleep again for some hours without having any experience at all from that night.

So I decided to try out my recliner again, this time without putting my lower legs on the little foot support, but instead just putting my feet on the floor, with a thin blanket under them. I did that because I tend to fall asleep on the recliner too when the body position rather matches that of sleeping in bed.

When sitting there, I wanted to proceed as simple as possible, just doing breath awareness for a while, keeping my mind as empty as possible from thoughts, doing a little body awareness too, but nothing too detailed, and just relax in that sitting position.

After perhaps 20 minutes I already got a little feedback, when I heard the characteristic zap sound, which I often get when I'm in or close to the state where you can do a separation from your physical body with your dream body. It was only one zap, and lasted perhaps for half a second, but I already considered that as more successful than the whole night of sleeping without anything happening related to astral projection.

I became encouraged by that and continued with relaxing. After perhaps another 10 minutes I got a short dream again, where I tried to click on a radio button with a mouse cursor on a computer screen, but the radio button didn't work and didn't react to my clicks. I was quickly back on my recliner after that. Again after some time I got another short dream, where I was trying to read some text, but couldn't clearly see it. And again I was quickly back in my recliner, feeling me sitting in it again.

Then after about a total of one hour of sitting in the recliner I had a third short dream, where I got a bit annoyed because a colleague didn't know how to select and copy a scrollback on a computer. I pressed ctrl-a on the keyboard, and then couldn't find the c of ctrl-c. I got puzzled and then it dawned on me that I was dreaming again. But I was suddenly sitting in my recliner again afterwards, being thrown out again.

But this time I tried to check my state and tried to move my hands because I was suspecting that I was still dreaming. And indeed I could move my dreamhands and arms. I immediately tried to rub my hands but my arms felt like rubber and I couldn't properly put my hands together. I also had a feeling of a magnetic force keeping my hands from touching each other.

After about 6 or 7 seconds of struggling with my uncooperative rubber arms I made the mistake of not continuing with the separation, because I was quite surprised that I made a partial separation on the recliner, and didn't plan how to get out of it (Stand up? Trying to touch something in my room with my hands?). I was quickly physical again, a bit excited, too awake again and my body felt quite hot additionally, but not yet sweating.

So I decided that it was enough for this morning, because I was quite excited again and would probably have a hard time to get into the relaxed state again. And I also was satisfied that I had a morning where I achieved a little something related to projection. :)

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