Teleporting Astral Being into New Dimension

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Teleporting Astral Being into New Dimension

Post by Jettins \o/ » June 25th, 2012, 5:31 pm

I do not know which experience to give priority because there are many interesting ones. So I will not complicate myself and write the experience from today. It is not one of the most interesting ones, but some ideas could be drawn from this particular one. The physicality of my astral experiences isn’t meant to distract me from connecting to dimension that do not require the manifestation of an Astral Body, but instead to be able to exist interchangeably. It appears that there is no substitute for personal experience when dealing with consciousness while in the Astral Realms, period. This last statement is a very interesting assumption, so I will use some of the observations during this particular experience to explain why this could be so. For sake of being able to go deeper into my possible state, I will also include the parts I no longer remember and I will call them “memory gaps”.

Experience #635 from June, 25, 2012 called “Taking astral being into a new dimension”, begins when I find myself inside a school bus. One of the kids threw a soccer ball out the window and the bus stops. The people in the bus asked me to get the ball for them. I had a brief thought of being in a dream so I attempted to carry the ball with thought back to the bus. The ball didn’t move. I still suspected that it could be a dream but wasn’t sure. I got out of the bus through the window thinking how the physics of my exiting the bus felt like. It felt the same weight of gravity and the general sensations I associate with the physical dimensions, so I concluded that I wasn’t a dream.

I have a memory gap. I do not know how one sequence became another, or how I came to be highly lucid after this. I do not remember the very beginning, but since I had a conversation with the man near the very end I can deduce the part I can’t remember. For the sake of accuracy, I will state the parts I do not have full memory of as such. I do not have clear memory but it appears that I must have asked a man to travel into a new dimension of being using a trance method. The visual representation of what was around us switched very quickly as if going into a new virtual world or dimension of being. I then found myself having very and detail memory of what happened next.

Me and the man I am with are sitting down in chairs and holding hands. I felt that I had reached my destination with success, though I no longer remember what intention I used to travel to that particular place, I suspect my destination was based on what the man had said or what I wanted to show him prior to using the trance method.

I stopped a moment to think, feel and look around my new reality. It was yet another feeling of amazement. We were sitting inside a very nice and very pretty furnished luxurious living room. I stand up.

Me: Stay focused (instructing the man who had arrived with me not to lose his awareness)

I take a closer look at the man; he was sitting quietly on the chair appearing to be aware of things.

The owner living in the house walks into the living room and I started having small talk with him. I do not remember the depth of our conversation, but it appears that I wasn’t too important until I said:

Me: Have you heard about a “Dominic Library”?

It wanted to have “astral” small talk with him, about places his state of being or Astral Existence could relate too. I realize now that I need to go back into my logs and study things because there is much more to the topography of the Astral Realms. Having already discovered these places, or to be more exact since I have already been able to exist within them by creating a compatible dimension of being, I will have access to them again.

Owner: Yeah, I’ve heard a little bit about it. When you’re ready to go in, it is said that a Chinese women teleports you to the place.

Me: now that your mention it, I do recall seeing a Chinese women there, interesting (A detail I had forgotten from experience #625).

Owner: But you’re in Texas right now

Me: and that’s in Virginia Beach (finishing off his sentence)

The visual scape suddenly disappears and there is blackness for a few seconds, then again it re-appears returning us to the original location. I was back sitting in the chair holding one of his hands. It appears that I had asked the man to hold one of his hands while I induced a trance into a new dimension. Basically what I did was to Astral Projection while already in a lucid state with the intention to take the man with me into a new dimension of being.

Me: That was amazing, we shifted dimensions.

Man: What was amazing?

Me: The man we spoke to just now

Man: I was there, but I just can’t register it.

Me: What do you mean, did you exist there?

Man: YES, YES I existed there, but I can’t register it. (He appeared to be baffled himself)

Me: You didn’t see the black man that was just in front of us? (Attempting to be distinctive)

Man: I don’t know.


The man didn’t appear to recall the experience in any way that he could register it to understand it. This to me is a very interesting. It appears that the dimension of being I traveled to was incompatible with his state of being or psychological make-up. It appears to me that he felt the experience itself to be like an unaware dreamlike state, where he knows something happened, but doesn’t have the level of awareness to make sense of it.

It appears that some of these states are inaccessible or undetectable to some developing spirits. In other words some have not learned to co-exist in certain dimensions of being, which then could create a block, or a limited reality created by their state of readiness. This in turn creates a state of not being able to perceive higher or even parallel realities. This is another example that shows that unaware state of being indeed exist. It also shows in a bit more detail how they might experience these states. I was able to shift his reality for a moment, but what determined if he could experience it was his state of readiness, even something as simple as another parallel reality. It appears that we fall into dimensions that can be registered as eventful experience in the Astral Realms (the physical like dimension of the Astral) or worse, the alternative would be unawareness which is the state that some unfortunately will have to endure.

These limited or constricted states as I like to call them are not able to expand their consciousness to perceive other dimensions of reality in the astral realms. When they try to expand their awareness and are not ready, they will lose ability to register it. Similar to when a person begins to attempt to become lucid while in the physical body, they might have to adjust and re-define what reality is in order for them to start having the ability to wake up in their dream and expand their conscious potential in the astral realms.

It appears that the human vehicle is important for learning to adapt the spirit to exist in higher or parallel states of being.

Figuratively speaking, It appears that there is a sort of chess game being played in physical reality and also in the Astral realms. Each making a move in their particular domain to affect the other. The game will have interesting moves if the player, which is the us, learns to play the game.
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