Visiting Jose Anibal - A murdered man in the Astral Realms

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Visiting Jose Anibal - A murdered man in the Astral Realms

Post by Jettins \o/ » October 5th, 2012, 9:50 pm

My father while in Honduras met the mother of Jose Anibal. Jose was murdered when he was 25 years old because a gangster wanted his cell phone. It happened about 6 months ago and the mother is still very sad about the loss. My father trying to make her feel better said to grieving mother that her son was still alive, just someplace else. To imagine her son gone as if on a trip overseas in which he will never return, yet he is still out there living. The amount of information my father gave her about the afterlife puzzled the woman. She wondered how he knew about such things and then my father spoke about me. In short, he tells her that I will find her son in the afterlife and see how he is doing.

All this happened without my consent, but I still can’t blame my father for trying to help. I agreed to it but I would do it under my own terms and that he shouldn’t put me in that position again.

I had no doubt in my mind that I would find him. There is this little inner voice which is really my own thoughts that I speak to sometimes to find about such things. If I get a positive emotional feedback an answer that concurs with my question will follow, or the reverse. I don’t use it often because I don’t want to unintentionally inject impurity, or to contaminate it with junk desire. Instead I use it as a knowingness boost to give my physical self so I can then take this assurance and turn it into reality in the astral realms. I might not know when it will happen, but it will happen at some point

Experience #761 called “Visiting Jose Anibal Ruiz”, from October 2, 2012.

Suddenly I suspected I was in a dream. I went divisively to the concrete looking wall and put my fingers through it. I jumped out the window and started flying around for a bit to explore the area. On the second time I “glitched” through the ground I got the idea of visiting Jose. I flew down to the ground. Glitching the ground is easy; all that needs to be done is to close the eyes and jump. The key is to believe the jump will take you to the destination. This will usually lead to a void area or the in-between state before a new dimension is perceived. As I was falling and saying Jose’s name, I felt the touch of someone gently grabbing my back. When I took the jump I kept falling and a few seconds later a new visual scene started to fade in.

I turned around to see who had arrived with me and the guide physically looked like my father. At that moment I thought to myself the guide took the appropriate Form because it was his idea to talk to Jose. I looked around and noticed I was in a disorganized garage like you would find in many homes. I say to my father, “Don’t worry things here can change rather quickly”. Thinking back I realize that the guide also wanted to take a secondary part because he wanted me to lead, this was another reason why I perceived him as my father. We walked into a living room and see a man on the floor and a woman attending to him.
Me: Where is Jose?

Guide: that’s him, but he prefers to be called “specific nickname” pointing at the old man on the floor.

I can’t remember the nickname he said anymore, but it would be interesting to validate if had another name he liked others to call him.

Me: That old man is him?

I approached the old man on the floor and wondered why it also looked like my father as he currently looks. I kneel close to the man and say:

Me: Show your true Form, show me how you feel

The man morphed into another old man. He didn’t really morph, it was only my perception of him that changed. Why did I initially perceive him as my father? Because of what I was sensing from him by what he was manifesting for himself, I associated it with my father’s older age. I will explain later. What was interesting to me is that he still remained and older man after the morph. indirectly it confirmed that he felt associated with an older man somehow, but why? Didn’t he die at age 25?

At this point trying to make sense of why Jose looked like an older and fragile man I spoke to him. Not sick, just fragile. I don’t remember exactly what I said when I spoke to the old man so I will paraphrase.

Me: You should realize that you can bring conditions from your physical body while you were still alive into this reality, etc..

He opened his eyes as if understanding me. I could notice he wanted to know more about what I was saying.

Old man: Amh (He said something I can’t remember also makes a gesture as if he wanted me to continue)

Me: how do you feel?

Guide: He’s doing well

At this exact moment I wonder why he looked like and older man if he was doing well as the guide mentioned. I stood up and spoke to the woman attending to him.

Me: I’ve seen many others like you attending to the needs of people here on the astral realms.
Woman attending: Yes, there are many other like me. (The woman starts to feed the man what appeared to be soup)

Me: I will return one day to officially congratulate you for your service.

I don’t know why I was inclined to say that at that moment, but it’s obvious to me now. I think the woman will soon be ready to liberate herself from it.

I looked around and noticed a dining table next to the living room. A woman was sitting in one of the chairs. She was carrying a girl that looked like the clone version of herself but tiny and doll like. She stood up and welcomed me to the table. A question from one of the forums suddenly came to surface of my mind that related to the condition of Jose.

Me: Many people in the physical dimension do not know what happens after death, can I ask you about what goes on here?

Woman attending, Woman with doll: Yes

Me: If someone was to die in a horrific accident or with a terrible disease in the physical life, would they carry that ailment here?

Woman attending: Why do you ask? (Immediately looking at the guide that visually looked like my father)

I woke up.

The reader needs to realize that I can ask things in the astral realms even if I think I already know the answer. Why? Because my perspective is not a universal standard, in practice there is more than one way to get to the same destination if different choices are taken. I wanted to know how others get to a particular place and state of being in the realms and not how I can avoid it as that is a separate issue. I knew this before I asked the question. This I why it doesn’t surprise me the response from the woman suggested I had to be more specific about who I was referring too. Unfortunately because of time constrains I had to be quick instead of sitting down for a lengthy chat with dead people.

If the old man was the Jose that died at 25 only 6 months ago how could that this be?There is no time in the astral realms only the perception of it. The events that transpire as an individual’s existence after death are dictated by their state of readiness or attainment. How one may exist can also be referred to as the experience required toward a new state of readiness or attainment.

I do not know what Jose’s beliefs where in regards to existence beyond, but I will try to extrapolate based on what I saw. In this particular case it appears to me Jose did not feel he was ready to die so he continued living his life in the realms until old age. We can’t know for sure how much perception of time he created for himself to be in that older state. One thing we do know is that his existence was physical like. He matured to be an old man based on whatever events he created for himself to reach that point.

But why did you arrive when he perceived himself as an old man? Because in his mind he had to reach maturity to be able to understand certain things, a state of readiness. Arriving before would have been useless as he was probably stuck in a domain where he was not ready to consider anything but his linear physical existence. He wouldn’t have understood me even if I tried which is why I was brought to his self-perceived maturity. I also arrived at a point in his existence where he was ready to release the non-sense I was not going to be part of before, my state of readiness for this particular individual. The astral realms are about sensing and acknowledging. It is how you may find or not find other individuals to interact with, those that fit compatible readiness states defined by their purpose, intention and emotion - intentional, unintentional or unknown.

Why was this allowed to happen, I mean I’ve read stories that people get saved? People need to be saved from themselves, besides the guides where I come from are helpers not enforcers. When I spoke to the old man he was very interested in trying to understand what I said to him. It appears he was finally starting to reach the readiness state to be able to move out of his dilemma.

Why didn’t you talk to him about his mother?
The last thing this particular individual needed was to be reminded about his physical life. In the domains I venture too we allow people to have their will/choice within their own psychological universes especially if it’s not ours, even if the specific experience isn’t directly beneficial.
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