Mild vibrations and high pitch sound

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Mild vibrations and high pitch sound

Post by Jettins \o/ » October 25th, 2012, 8:34 pm

#784 – Mild vibrations and high pitch sound – October 25, 2012

I woke up from a non-lucid dream. I hesitated about DEILD because the dream I had woken up from wasn’t particular vivid. I felt very awake in my bed and a bit stressed out because last night I stayed up until 5am. The conditions weren’t right, but this wasn’t going to persuade me. I broke the rule about not moving before doing DEILD, but I tried it anyway. About 30 second later I started to feel a deepening sensation, there was no gap in consciousness. It then followed by mild vibrations and a high pitch sound.

I moved my arm as I usual do to grab the bed and initiate the separation. At this point it was my subtle body moving, yet it still felt very physical. I then slided my legs off the bed and stood up. I said “it feels very physical like”, those that have read my others posts might what I mean by this. I opened my bedroom door and walked towards the front door as usual.

I could see it was daytime outside even though it was a bit dark in my house because all the lights where off. I heard the sound of pots and pans coming from the kitchen as if someone was there washing the dishes. I do not have to go through the kitchen to get to the front door so I ignored it. Out of my peripheral vision I see that someone is approaching me. I woke up as I was about to touch to doorknob of my front door.

Short experiences like this one remind how easy it can be to have an out of body experience if I give it a try at the right time. When is the right time? Why even worry about it? it won't work every time so just do it every time to have more of them. Two minutes of effort and you don’t even have to move, how hard can that be? It might not feel like the best time but do it anyway. I think failing to DEILD is a good measuring bar to know if our lifestyle is anchoring us in this prison planet.

Do the DEILD --> induction-techniques/speed-counting-tec ... .html#p309
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