Encountering my other grandmother

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Encountering my other grandmother

Post by Jettins \o/ » March 14th, 2013, 2:09 am

Experience #946 – Encountering my other grandmother - March 13, 2013

I got up in the morning and wanted to have an Out-of-body experience. My dreams had been vivid enough as they have been the past few days, so there was a good chance of becoming lucid. I went into a non-lucid dream. I find myself with my immediate family and other relatives. I was in a very large luxurious house. I heard an unusual discussion about the many pink rocks one of my cousins had bought. As I was listening I saw a vision of a huge pile of small pink rocks. Everyone there concluded that she had paid way too much for them, that it didn’t have much value. My cousin felt disappointed. At this point I was just listening, thinking how silly, even the number 50,000 came up at some point.

I do not know how it happened but then felt myself laying down. I might have disappeared and re-appeared lying down. But I can’t remember for sure how this transition took place because I wasn’t lucid. It came to me to try to have an out-of-body experience. I felt a quick, sudden and subtle shift. I became aware I was in the non-physical. I stood up. I was in the same house. Everyone was still there. They were all gathered in the kitchen area as before. I was a bit further in the living room.

I stood there for a moment and said: “allow me to be attuned, allow to me feel what I need to feel”

I hovered in a vertical position towards the kitchen. In short, I could sense what people where feeling. Not that I could read their minds, more like knowing how they felt at their core. I took a mental note to see who was be more sensitive to psychic awareness in which my sister was first and a distant aunt was second. It’s strange now that I think about it, but it crossed my mind at the time so I went with it. The objective way of trying to explain this would be that I tested how much awareness each person had to my presence. I was invisible to some i think, others didn’t understand me, others ignored me completely and few acknowledge my presence. I hovered around this particularly large kitchen trying to make this determination.

I saw my grandma laying down for a rest in a small kitchen sofa. She had her eyes closed and was mumbling very softly as if talking in her sleep. I got closer to listen to what she was saying.

Grandma: Oonce I saaaw maaxiiimuus flllyiing

Me: Yes, I can fly too. Look!

My grandmother opened her eyes just enough to be able to see that I was floating. I flew around the kitchen counter an on top of the others. I landed next to my grandma after one turn.

Me: Do you want to know the reason why I am telling you this?

Me: Because you will be ready to fly one day.

I woke up. My other grandmother died about 15 years ago. Maximus could be a reference to my cousin.
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