Dreaming and realizing

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Dreaming and realizing

Post by revenge » September 10th, 2013, 2:54 am

1st I couldn't remember my dreams and I thought I'm not dreaming at all. But From thinking about dreams and doing reality checks I get to remember my dreams. 1st I remember dreams that happens in Wednesdays,Thursdays n Fridays. I keep a Dream journal. Now I remember dreams every day. But I can't Woke up in dreams every time. It happens often. I realize I am dreaming By Watching my hands. I can see fingers of my hands are broken. then I Adjust them from thinking about them. Recently, When I realize it is dreaming I try to read. But Words are not in english. It was hard to read. So I give up reading and touch Things to make things more vivid. while doing that suddenly I woke up. But the dream was much vivid than others I had before. I think I'm getting in to it....... I have been silent for a while. But I think Posting My experiences will help me a lot..
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