Mr. Frederic’s memory issues - Solving an imagined problem

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Mr. Frederic’s memory issues - Solving an imagined problem

Post by Jettins \o/ » November 16th, 2013, 7:32 pm

Experience #1210 – Mr. Frederic’s memory issues - Solving an imagined problem - November 7, 2013

I woke up in the morning and attempted to have an out-of-body experience. My body started feeling very light while relaxing on every exhale. This happened quickly because I was close to a trance like state from having slept a full night’s sleep. I knew the wave of relaxation was likely to last a minute or two, so I had to catch it, and that’s the harder part, because the tendency is to fall to sleep unconsciously. But if I could generate enough awareness during the transition, using intense concentration or by whatever means, I had a better chance of becoming objective during the onset of the experience. This is important because my findings suggest that the higher the level of perceptual awareness, the more assistance, the greater the potential for existential change - the required psychological adjustments towards achieving your goal.

I lost the consciousness for a few moments but regained it as soon as I saw a gated fence. The sensation of being there felt extremely physical. I knew I was not going to forget. I was in front of a house that looked familiar. In fact, I was absolutely certain that I had returned after having turned-back-time to redo the events from a previous visit. It must of happened because there was something that was going to require higher intuitive awareness.

It was daytime. I opened the gate and walked towards the kitchen door that was on the porch. An older woman became afraid of my presence for a moment, but since I had the benefit of knowing how to handle the situation in advance, I knew I could calm her down. I told her I was there to help and she invited me in.

I walked inside and there was a man sitting down in a dining table reading a newspaper and waiting for his food to be served. I felt something curious and unusual after I entered into the house, I didn’t pick up on it at the time, but in retrospect it was going to answer everything.

Me: When was the last we met?

Mr. Frederic: Ah, you know how those things are. It happens in the way things turn out. There’s people that, eh… the things they do, you know it comes when your with someone, there’s usually a way in which things are, and that’s what happens when you see someone, it’s completely understandable, it’s just how it is, etc… (Paraphrasing)

So I am standing there listening to the man talk for about 30 seconds as I realize that he had absolutely no clue, even though he sounded logical and consistent. What weird me out was that in the process of trying to remember he was fooling himself by thinking he was remembering something he didn’t remember. I then walked through the kitchen and saw his wife doing one last taste test before serving the food. I woke up as soon as I stepped out of the house.

The name of the man was not Mr. Frederic, but he can be anyone and everybody.


Mr. Frederic was not aware he was in a time warp. The size of the time warps can vary. They are the psychological progressions that collapse into shapes as seen from higher a perspective, but once inside, it becomes as large as it needs to be to preserve the paradigm of those within. The memories he held to be important, which sustained his reality, revolved around the need to be oblivious to everything else. So instead of embracing the evolution of his consciousness, he simply lived his priorities, a store bought belief system, like an episode of the outer limits. If there was anything that deviated from such attachments, he would make-believe that he had the self-awareness to choice differently when he did not. He was trapped in his own ignorance, being unable to flow gracefully with the intelligent and helpful forces of creation, the result of being separated from the authentic-self (from the plan of the higher-self) at a key juncture in his life, and not necessarily at the moment of death.

Living out his vision was his existential truth. It was allowed to be this way. In Mr. Frederick’s case, it revolved around being at home with his wife enjoying his favorite meals and reading the newspaper. It can be said it was his entire world view reduced into a psychological box, oh dear, haven’t I seen that before.

It’s a fact of life that few people ever get to experience the size of their box, their limit in perceptual awareness, until they experience and remember other dimensions that can put things into perspective, and it saddens me – because it can be less than expected, at least initially. It’s has to do with what we have been taught as a civilization, and the different views that hijack and restrict what can and cannot be. It then becomes about looking around and choosing a world view, a belief, and a religion, which confirms it. Awareness of the authentic-self then becomes impossible, as one has lost touch with reality. The authentic-self holds no definition because as a process, it is intangible. More no this later. One does not have to invent a process per se for it to be authentic, but it can reveal the blinds spots, that’s for sure.

Solving an imagined problem

Even though the issues of Mr. Frederic created his reality, one that became self-restricted and self-protected, it was not his ignorance, lack of knowledge or memory capabilities that perpetuated his inability to free himself from the time warp. The usual suspect was not a fault problem. The problem was the temperament that correlated with the events that he held to be important, the real culprit that hijacked his sense of intuition and the way out. Was it Mr. Frederick’s ego? No, because ego is simply the result of concentrated human awareness as it holds identity of itself, ego, or an egg. What about one of the six main negative emotions as identified by the Buddhists or that other unified energy?

Let’s just say that breakdowns will forever be impractical constructs, if they have morphed into a thing that is not. Thus, working with the energy at the level that sustains it becomes essential. In Mr. Frederic’s case, his pride was the problem (or ego in some definitions). It made him believe that he knew what he was going through when he did not. The sense of intuition that could liberate him, instead, was therefore used, in a way that exasperated and prolonged the psychological situation that created the time warp, the illusion. It comes to show that sensed intuition is not the confirmation of knowledge; it is what opens oneself to the awareness of it. It’s important to note that when intuition becomes compromised it reduces the possibilities that a belief/expectation-based logical mind will have for apparent choice, it then bounds itself, and it confines itself in a type of self-sustained cocoon, or in other words finding comfort (by perpetuating the negative emotions) in the walls and boundaries that block the perceptions, sustaining the time warp, and establishing the innate inability to reconcile with the authentic-self. When he completes this, he will have a first class ticket to a better place, guaranteed.
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