Telepathic channels via the center of the subtle head

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Telepathic channels via the center of the subtle head

Post by Jettins \o/ » December 31st, 2013, 9:49 pm

Experience #1231 – Telepathic channels via the center of the subtle head - December 2, 2013

What was unique about this experience is that an astral being made me lucid by startling me into lucidity. He said to me that: “I should start being more telepathic”, in a lectury tone. Then he told me to do it! To communicate telepathically with him that is. Then he said “good”, after we exchanged audible thoughts. But this astral being was a pushy character indeed. He might have even slapped me or something if I hadn’t taken the whole thing seriously. He also said that it would help clear the 3rd- eye. Those where the words he used which surprised me at the time. Telepathic communication was something I felt more incline to do in the past, when I was testing it out, but now I know better, I should do more of it.

The technique requires that I focused on the very center of the subtle head or the astral head. After closing the eyes a small void is them generated on the center of the head. It was visualized as a very large void inside the head, and as if more space is generated in that particular area, but it was actually very small when I felt the focal point in relation to the rest of my astral body. The telepathic channels opened up functioning as a type of “antenna extender”, for the subtler energy required in telepathic communication. The swerving sparks gave it its sense of depth.

The next day on #1232 I used this telepathic method when I was inside a void, or in transition. I requested communication with a nearby being and someone heard me, he replied and I focused on his voice. A few moments later I manifested in the dimension he was in. After some small talk he made a comment about “eating your own food”, as I heard beautiful angelic like music in the background.

So now it’s not necessary to “glitch the ground plane”, to reach another dimension because this can be done from within, or without moving, but it’s the same thing. This center of the head thing reminded me of the pineal gland when I read Terri Ana’s and Alfredo’s post: ... e-third-ey
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