AP Exp 8: “Didn’t want to go!”

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AP Exp 8: “Didn’t want to go!”

Post by DevineLaw » February 15th, 2014, 5:12 pm

Perhaps this does not constitute a projection story but the avoidance of one.
Fear gripped me and I am not certain as to why.
The buzzing in my head was loud and I could tell I was just moments from exiting my body and viewing my room with my astral eyes. I was frightened of what I would see on the other side.

I am not certain how this could be. I have now had a handful of successful experiences and understood that fear just increases the difficulty of exiting.I have no good explanation on why I stopped it from occurring other than I was afraid of who might be waiting there for me.

I was attempting to use every muscle in my arsenal to force my body to move and to cease the loud roaring static in my mind. I could only imagine the damage I was causing my teeth in my desperate struggle. I attempted to call out to my son just one room away but to no avail. I knew this was something I was just going to have to figure out on my own.

For what seemed to be hours that fell off the clock I finally sensed a way out. I was able to gain control of my fingers and toes. Limb by limb I was slowly being granted access to the rest of my physical body.

I sat up to find myself soaked with perspiration and the relief that the torment was finally over.
There was only one question that plagued my mind as I made my way to the shower.
”What in Gods name was I so afraid of?”

A few of you might be already familiar with my 9th experience. I have posted the link to it below. For those of you who have already read AP Exp 9 please feel free to skip to "Final thoughts and conclusions of my experiences".

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"Final thoughts and conclusions of my experiences".
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