About the "oneness", just a little bit

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About the "oneness", just a little bit

Post by Jettins \o/ » June 29th, 2014, 1:13 am

About the "oneness", just a little bit - #1377 - June 23, 2014.

I’m having serious problems keeping up and sharing. I would have to dedicate myself in full and them.., or maybe that’s why I had that out-of-body experience where someone, who knows if a living being another life or what, picked up my recordings and went ahead and redacted them in chronological order finally –hmm, nameless appeals to me- and put them in some crappy looking mass market book. Maybe it was me already, who knows but it must be done, and all will go to shit if it doesn’t get done that I know for sure.

The day after I read about oneness...

I experienced the moment of death of an 87 year old black man; I was in a mountain when I realized I was ready to “cross-over” and without lingering nearyby the death scene, I flew into the mist of the mountain; I wondered in the white mist without being able to see anything for a momment; and when the mist cleared I was in some sort of heavenly place for the general folk. It might have been the destination of some other life/memory and not my own. In super short, after some time strolling around this place and looking at the beings -some of alien origin- I wondered about their numbers: “but where did they go”, I thought, and then out of the misty nothingness the torso of a being from the waist up manifested abreast and said to me telepathically “oneness”, and pointed to the adjacent room with a finger (for the readers that enjoy labels it was an angelic presence). I walked in and she floated next to me. It came to me that this was the question that I was trying to ask. “There”, she thought, and then points to the powder that was scattered across the room. I asked telepathically: “but does the consciousness have the awareness to sense time?” for the sake of exactitude I could have also asked: “do they have the sense of awareness to notice the passing of time? In a clear gesture to my question she picked up the powder with her hand and touched it with her fingers. The powder transformed into a cupcake. I understood. Then I asked her an unrelated question about me, and she answered. I woke up. I recorded a lot about the “oneness” rap; a memory download? It will be shared at some point, but then, it might not be what some have been taught. After spinning this point of view in my inner dialog, my dreams report that it is one of the wheels, literally, and there’s another and I need it.
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