An Astral Force Field – Infinite Flux

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An Astral Force Field – Infinite Flux

Post by Jettins \o/ » September 12th, 2014, 8:14 pm

An Astral Force Field – Infinite Flux - September 11, 2014 - #1424

I drifted in and out of sleep for about one hour and forty five minutes listening to a meditation recording about Atlantis. There were periods where I remained awake and alert for some twenty minutes, the longest, and the rest of the time I was either unconscious or alert for a short time in intervals. I was tired. I think it was the bike ride from a few hours earlier that was the culprit. It was the combination of being physically tired and mentally alert and battling each other to see which one prevailed. None did. But I got lucky. It didn’t matter in the end, at least not for this short projection. I became relaxed enough to notice the sudden shift into an altered state, and it took the form of a deepening sensation across my quasi-physical body or so I say, because it was like a physical sensation and yet it was my awareness self-emerging into the subtle body as it projected in a dimension; one that displayed a property or feature of the psychic being. Let me explain with a crude example.

Imagine an infinity symbol. This is the symbol that looks like the number 8. The symbol does not have a clear-cut beginning or end as it could be traced from any starting point. Now imagine the two circles have a single dot inside of them. For this example: the dot on the left is the “psychic being” and the dot on the right the “astral realms or body”. The infinity symbol represents the energetic exchange or the “infinite flux” that occurs between the psychic being and the astral body; the non-stop energetic exchange between ideas (in the form of thoughts and energy) from the psychic being and their manifestation in the astral realms, the projection. However they are complementary and coalesced, meaning that an idea does not take Form entirely by the psychic being but also by the images that are superimposed into the psychic being by the means of its usage, hence the perception and location. In other words seeing is also the act of perceiving and perceiving is the act of seeing and influencing; they coexist together and influence each other. This is the infinite flux. Therefore I don’t think there is escaping from this situation. However, although not completely, certain parts of this infinite flux or particular areas of expression that take Form can be removed. This is certain! Therefore I’m inclined to think that some very unique states are possible, changing the outcome of things in the overall, but difficult to predict precisely of what if one is inclusive of things. This could be what it’s meant in some texts. To help clarify let’s consider: the energy changing Form [behavior] according to the expression of its function [dimension]. I should emphasize that this statement is highly sanctioned and should be valued. What? It implies that behavior and dimension come wrapped in the same package. It also means, and it will crystalize in the future, that it is the dimension that determines the intrinsic resulting consequence of behavior –the expression of its function. What? It removes the apparent contradictions in my book thus far. I think the astral experiences themselves can be made to speak of this. Yet behavior is not merely an idea taking Form in the astral dimensions; it is also the manifestation of its energetic state, and thus it is also the “dimension of being”. Recall the infinity symbol. For reference: there will be a story called “Message to Humanity - #1252” – from two astral doctors, posted in the future. In this astral experience the importance of healing ourselves before physical death will be explained. But for now, I will continue with the story from yesterday.

After the deepening sensation I attempted to stand but I could only do so very slowly. It was an astral dimension that related to the qualities of the psychic being in question. I felt heavy as if the physical body was tired even though it was not the physical body but the astral body. Some Form of energetic equivalence to the physical body seemed to be in effect. But I ignored it, granted that I could. I was unsure about my condition as I slowly stood up, so I attempted to levitate an object to verify my state but this was not possible. The objects did not move. I woke up on the recliner. I didn’t move an inch. After what could have been second or two I re-entered the astral in the same way. As I stood, I felt my headphones slide away from my head. I had my sleeping mask. I took it off but I could not see clearly. There was a little bit of light shining in the room; the same way as when the curtains block the windows. I took a few steps with the heaviness, and then I saw my father reclining against the opened door of my bedroom. He did not say a word, but with his gesture it seemed that he was encouraging me to step out the door. Upon realizing this, and possibly altering my advance in some way yet unknown to me, as it can happen after encountering barriers, helpful entities and psychological constructs, my heaviness slowly decreased and I was able to walk slightly faster and more comfortable with every step. But I still could not see well because it was dark. I was closer to my bedroom door.

“The best vision”, I said while brushing my hand against my eyes attempting to enhance my visual acuity. Nothing changed, although I heard a peculiar sound; the growling of a lion. I did so twice and heard the same sound. Wondering about the significance of the lion the thought of “fortitude” came to my mind.

In hindsight the properties of the psychic being at the time came bulging into the astral dimension. This took the Form of a growling sound coming from my inner mind; it came to reveal itself for the reasoning mentioned above, that is to alter my advance in some way in the course of the sequence and(or) after waking up. At the time I did not elaborate the meaning of the growl, but somehow I felt assured that if things turned south, I would be able to push through successfully in turn. The awareness that there was a fearless side of me that was non-destructive, and that if my perception decayed temporary while in a dimension, the virtue could be used defensively to repel negative entities and people. Just take my word for it. I can’t tell you the whole story.

I walked toward the front door and opened it. It was daytime outside and my visual perception was much brighter. I took a step and a half when I felt an invisible force slow down my momentum to a stop.

“You are here to protect me”, I said without hesitation and based on my understanding gained from a previous experience – in that projection from at least a year ago I saw walls come down blocking my way, while hearing a telepathic squeak coming from the center of my subtle head, giving the impression that it was from a higher dimension by its peculiar pitch and sense of space within me, and though I was not able to understand in plain English it had the meaning of “this is for your protection”.

“All I want to do is see the sky”, I said in consequence. I stretched my right hand to touch the field but it was now gone. I took a few steps forwards on the cement walkway that lead to the driveway. I saw my sister inside a car that was parked. She appeared to be motionless. At this point I stopped to look at my surroundings. The sense of being was particularly dominant. It was vivid and things had their natural color. Everything had a distinct granny overlay, as if the visuals where sharpened with a matte of white; and metaphorically as if light was shining into an otherwise darker place revealing its contrast.

I became aware the sun was radiating intensely by the anomalous brightness. I looked up and saw the sun was hiding behind the very edge of the ruff of the house. I took a step or two towards the street until I could see it directly. The sun looked as bright as a welder light; although it did not flicker and looking straight at it without flinching was possible. I lifted my arms so that I could expose them to the sun. I felt warmth and sensed that they had become slightly brighter. I decided not to push my luck so I walked back to the house. It then occurred to me that I could use telekinetic energy to test if things had recharged. Standing at a distance I moved the front door back and forth very quickly and with ease. I woke up.

I almost don’t share this one because it was short and common. But today, when I saw the image that was posted on the homepage, the one with the subtle heads, I could not help to think that if I had closed my astral eyes while in the walkway, I would have seem something very similar to the picture. So here you go.

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