The glowing fruits on the giant tree

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The glowing fruits on the giant tree

Post by Jettins \o/ » September 19th, 2014, 6:42 pm

The glowing fruits on the giant tree – September 9, 2014 - #1422

It started after re-entering the previous non-lucid dream. The lingering feeling of the dream was continuing but now with an objective awareness. It was enough to change my resolve. And there was the bellhop, the housekeeper, the concierge, and the maintenance personnel standing behind the front desk of the small hotel - that looked more like a podium. I didn’t recognize them. But I felt compelled to go and talk to them.

“Oh, I just came to apologize to the crew that was here before. I ran into some problems with them”, I said while thinking about my shenanigans.

“Oh, good that you came”, replied the housekeeper cheerfully. There was no concern in her eyes even though she knew. It was nothing. Telepathically she might have picked up on the vibe from my thoughts. Maybe it helped, maybe it didn’t. The others observed quietly. There were no more exchanges. I walked out of the lobby.

From the sidewalk I began to float and fly upwards without conceiving why. And without processing the idea I uttered the thought: I just like flying. It was a lapse in cognition and yet with awareness of being, experienced as a formless inspiration more than the complexity of the reasoning of the words. Meanwhile, in the spawn of just few seconds and as I flew in the sky, this formless substance expanded into what became the objective awareness.

“I’m not the one flying here? I’m just ridding”, I spoke. There was a thought now, and it was striking. I could now recognize that I was flying above the trees and the grasslands. Something caused my astral eyes to involuntary blink and I noticed an anomaly: inaudible flashes of thunder in a black background. It was very quick, but with several blinks it seemed as if the flashes where overlying into the scene. The peculiarity was noticed at the time. I turned my head to the left to attempt to sense if anything was behind me. Out of the corner of my eyes I saw something that was very large even though I could not see it directly. And when I turned my head straight, there was a large insect/critter the size of cow, suddenly visible, up above and attached to whatever else was behind. I saw my forearm extended outward near my forehead as if covering from the sun. The arm had moved without my intent or awareness. From below I could only see the critters semi-transparent legs at 50% opacity, attached to my forearm, with the resemblance of a mixture of humanoid, bee and beetle.

Then I heard a high pitch squeak-like sound for a few seconds giving me the impression that it was from a higher dimensions/world. I made a recording of this distinct sound. There was no way I could understand it, but then as if by magic or by a change in perception, the sound was repeated close to my ear but now in perfect American English.

Critter: The next stage in your evolution. You are nine hundred times one thousand (…something else…) level.

I saw a humongous mythical like tree by its size and glowing fruits emerge into view. The leaves and the branches where moving with the wind.

Do what I do.

Then the critter targets a large glowing fruit with what appeared to be an electric current of about six inches in lengths and no more than an inch wide. When the current hit the fruit it fell from the tree and disappeared out of view. I extended my right arm and like Spiderman took a shot at another fruit. The fruit fell out of view. I remember there were a pineapple, an apple, and other diverse fruits that were of similar size; the apple was the size of the pineapple and so forth. Then the critter flew faster and faster with and against the wind as it went around the tree flying in a spiral, allowing the time to shot down the remaining fruits. Sometimes I hit them but sometimes I missed. I kept up the action until one of the glowing fruits, maybe the last, hovered without falling. It grew larger up to about three feet in length. It radiated inner light. I became compelled to stare at the fruit. Then I sensed everything else fading away as the fruit began to morph into a glowing flower, and a new dimension emerged into being around the flower. I was now somewhere else standing in a floor looking up at a flower that was attached to the ceiling. It was exactly like entering into the dimension of the flower; the experience which yielded the flower that is, but ultimately and as seen from the higher perspective, it was the fruit of the flower, hence the glowing fruit in the mythical tree – the virtue. This is not an interpretation. It is a description of the events. The glowing flower morphed slightly, exposing information.

“Did you recognize it”, I was asked.


The rest of the story will be posted elsewhere. Suffice to say that I was given a detailed description on the events that would transpire. However, if the description proves to be true or untrue is not important, because the special flowers can take many forms. It is the fruit that is important.

“And though it is essential to realize which desires and disinterests are [are needed and] unneeded, what is more important, are the virtues of the individual in question rather than the fruit of their action and inaction” [the flower].

In regards to: “You are nine hundred times one thousand (…something else…) level”, statement, I should say that is not about the life or the incarnation, it was about the level of perception at the time.

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#913 – Opening the doors of perspective


A few days later Marcia Beloved posted the interpretation in the following post: Dhammapada - The Treasure of Truth – Chapter 4 flowers

It was the first time I read it. A few of the verses:

Verse 50. Look Inwards And Not At Others

Not others’ opposition
nor what they did or failed to do,
but in oneself should be sought
things done, things left undone.

Explanation: Do not find fault with others. Do not worry about what others do or not do. Rather, look within yourself to find out what you yourself have done or left undone. Stop doing evil; do good.

Verse 51. Good Words Attract Only Those Who Practice

Just as a gorgeous blossom
brilliant but unscented,
so fruitless the well-spoken words
of one who does not act.

Explanation: A flower may be quite attractive, alluring. It may possess a brilliant hue. But, if it is devoid of fragrance, and has no scent [virtue], it is of no use. So is the well spoken word of him who does not practice it. It turns out to be useless.

Verse 52. Good Words Profit Only Those Who Practise

Just as a gorgeous blossom
brilliant and sweet-scented,
so fruitful the well-spoken words
of one who acts as well.

Explanation: A flower may be quite attractive, alluring and possessing a brilliant hue. In addition, it may be also full of fragrance. So is the person who is well spoken and practises what he preaches. His words are effective and they are honoured.

Verse 53. Those Born Into This World Must Acquire Much Merit

As from a mass of flowers
many a garland may be made,
so by one born mortal
should many good deeds be done.

Explanation: The deft maker of garlands takes a variety of flowers. Out of these he creates garlands of different strands and variegated arrangements. In the same way, those who are born into this world should, out of their lives, create good, wholesome, meritorious actions of a vast variety.

Verse 54. Fragrance of Virtue Spreads Everywhere

The fragrance of flowers drifts with the wind
as sandalwood, jasmine of lavender.
The fragrance of virtue o’ersweeps the wind,
all pervasive is virtue of the good.

Explanation: The world knows, many a sweet smelling flower and fragrant object. But, the fragrance of these moves only leeward. None of these, however strong their fragrance may be, spread their sweet smell against the wind. But, in contrast, the sweet smell of virtue of a spiritually evolved individual spreads in all directions and is universally experienced.

Verse 55. Fragrance Of Virtue Is The Sweetest Smell

Sandalwood or lavender,
lotus or the jasmine great,
of these many fragrances
virtue’s fragrance is supreme.

Explanation: Sandalwood, lavender, water-lily and the jasmine exude fragrance. Of all these varieties of fragrances the sweet-smell of virtue is the most supreme. This is because the fragrance of virtue is universally favoured. Besides, the fragrance of virtue spreads in all directions, even against the wind.

Verse 56. Fragrance Of Virtue Wafts To Heaven

Faint is this fragrance
of lavender and sandalwood,
but fragrance of the virtuous
soars sublime amongst the gods.

Explanation: The fragrance of lavender and sandalwood is quite slight. Why? Because it is limited in this world. Such a fragrance can spread only on earth. This way it is a very slight fragrance. But, the sweet smell of virtue is, in contrast, supreme, because it spreads not only throughout the earth, it rises even to the highest heavens.
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