The young boy and the bear

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The young boy and the bear

Post by Jettins \o/ » September 23rd, 2014, 6:51 pm

The young boy and the bear - September 20, 2014 - #1429

I took a nap at around 4:00pm to relax. I lost track of time. Suddenly I felt that I was sliding away from the recliner. It was a peculiar movement and thus became aware of my non-physical condition. It was the feeling of being pushed gently by a force. And in one uninterrupted motion the force slowly lifted me and I was in a standing position. I took off the sleeping mask. I could see clearly that it was night time. I was in front of the bedroom door. I sensed a mass move behind my back; like a small backpack becoming larger and smaller. I extended my arm and touched the energy trying to identify it. But instead, it curled to the center of the back where I couldn’t reach it. I ignored it and walked through the door. The astral house had a very similar layout to the physical house, although from the little I observed some of the furniture was arranged differently. The energy moved with every step. I noticed there was no heaviness, so it occurred to me that the energy was not trying to alter the destination. However, it expanded and contracted giving the distinct feeling that it was fearful to come out. I approached the glass door that was in the living room and flipped the blinds.

I saw a giant bear just outside the porch that was grunting. I opened the slide door and felt the energy curl to the center of my back. I took a few steps and approached the bear without fear but with discretion. I was in striking distance. But I was aware of my non-physical condition. I knew it couldn’t do harm. The bear was sleeping in a sitting position. It was about fifteen feet high and the level of perceived detail was that of a physical bear. The bear began to wake up. Then I quickly placed my hands together in prayer and sang to attempt to subdue the beast. I did not think about it I reacted. I disappeared and I was back in the recliner.

I did not think of this at the time, but if I were to place the bear manifestation into a label it would be: anger. The singing prayer was a short invented verse that was forgotten. In hindsight the reaction was very unusual because I’m not the singer type.

Once again, and without intending, I felt the gentle force lift me away from the recliner. But this time my vision was partial. So in the same upwards motion I brushed away the sleeping mask and said “best vision”, and the visual clarity returned. I chuckled by how easy it all seemed. I was back in the room and proceeded with the exploration. Everything was the same expect for the bear; it was gone. I was about to open the glass door when the energy expanded. I looked to my right and there was a blond boy of about five or six years of age partially attached to my back. I grabbed his hand and walked out the door. He stepped out of my subtle body. I was in a terrace.

Jet: So why did you come?

Boy: I don’t know

Jet: Was it your idea or was it my idea?

Boy: I don’t know

After some adjustments the image below has the same general feeling. The color vibrancy was distinctly missing.


And then I spoke, in all likelihood attempting to curtail to the needs of the little boy:

Jet: This place looks rather dull wouldn’t you say?

Boy: Yeah

Jet: Something is missing isn’t it?

Boy: yeah

Jet: There should be more…

And then the boy spoke at the same time.

Jet, Boy: Inner happiness

As I searched for more details I noticed a spot light on the ceiling of a porch that was perpendicular to the wall. It was about a meter in diameter. It was radiating circular light. I woke up.


After waking up I wondered about the identity of the boy. Have I seen a blond boy connected or joined somehow in the astral? I have about ten times over the years. But if it was the same boy I cannot know for sure. Could it be my own psychological construct or a part that exist within me and nowhere else, a sentient being living in my psyche or trying to be born? Sure. The best answer will be in the subtleties of multiple encounters.

The previous time, about a month ago, when I saw the young blond boy manifestation I asked him if he was trying to be born. He made the clear gesture of heck NO. I also asked him if he went go to a hellish place when I was awake. He looked at me as if I was going nuts because it was actually the reverse.

Before the nap my intention was to establish a link of communication. I didn’t make anything else of it.

The boy and his influence is the link to a higher realm. Self-determination was respected which was the reasons why he did not interfere, he inspired. Evolved beings send messengers to engage in this way. There is a reason.
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