Acting on the awareness of the past fulfills the future

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Acting on the awareness of the past fulfills the future

Post by Jettins \o/ » October 9th, 2014, 6:00 pm

Acting on the awareness of the past fulfills the future – September, 27 2014 - #1432

I had a horrible dream. Two of them consecutively. I wondered if I could persuade myself to make them better. Maybe it was the toxic environment of the physical condition penetrating the psyche, the energetic levels of the subtle physical, the unexpressed qualities of this or that in relation to the dimension, or whatever else. I didn’t think about it at the time, in hindsight, it didn’t’ matter if I had or hadn’t done so. But I knew the right answer.

I felt drowsy enough that if I had stayed in bed I would have fallen back to sleep fast and likely entered a similar type of dream. So I got up for a moment to try to shake it off or something. Then I went back to bed in the hopes of making them more pleasant. If something could be changed I didn’t know, but I was going to try it anyway. I had nothing to lose at that point. But because I was very tired I had to put special effort. So I began a conversation with my inner mind for a positive dialog that was of the non-physical, and interesting enough to hold my attention awake, focused, and as I relaxed the physical body in the hopes of shifting the dream material. On that tone I fell to sleep.

I had several short dreams that were pleasant. Then, at some point in the middle of the night and in the last dream, I met with Michael near a fishing dock. It was nighttime. I was standing on the other side of a wire fence, the entrance gate, when I overheard him talking to my father. He was especially interested in talking to him. Then I see Michael holding a book about vacation retreats in his hand, like a binder, and proceeded to show it to my father.

“Can you tell me more about that”, I asked from the other side of the fence. I opened the gate and walked towards them. Michael noticed my approach.

“You are both invited to go deep sea diving.” Then he sets the book in what appeared to be the hood of a pickup truck that was parked.

“But don’t worry, it’s a completely free trip, it’s been paid for.”

“It was Alfredo’s suggest in a dream”, I stated.

“Yes”, knotting his head in agreement.

But my father seemed somewhat reluctant.

“Nah, don’t worry about that, he’s just Buddhist, I mean Hindu”. My father confided in me his opinion before accepting. I woke up.

It was a short sequence. But I woke up convinced that there was a reason. And the reason was jumping in my face and I was not sure why, but it was clear: We are all on the same boat! Everyone is having these disturbing dreams! In hindsight, I don’t know why I felt so strongly about it at the time, because the sequence itself didn’t have a clear relationship with the peculiarity of the earlier disturbing dreams. Maybe it was the unsought need for a ‘boat’ for diving that created the connection. Although at the time I did not think of this possibility because I was certain, it had struck me, as if I knew of something in advance, as when with Rayya Bilal - #1367, and so I knew it was spot-on. I had to do it. The mind was made up. I got up from the bed and took one third of the standard dose, about 600mg of Alpha GPC without the Galantamine, and then went to the recliner for an out-of-body experience. The thought was:

“At times is feels a though dreams are inverted. I’m going to try to have an out-of-body experience to try to put a stop to that.” It was a less than average day for a conscious projection because the energetic levels were drained. I would have to put a greater effort: and when I detected an aimless foreign thought generating without consent, a seemingly unexpected response to my attempt to silently control, and because the subconscious mind has a level of cognition, I spoke back as a dear friend interested in the needs rather than that of an impostor trying to dominate or suppress his minion; it had a comforting effect. The objective mindset, the king, can indeed also be the impostor. Look closely. But who conquers shouldn’t be the objective, the objective at first should be an agreement that is good for both which in turn has the effect of minimizing latent resentments. This armament can take the Form (familiarity) of recognizing the most suitable time for a precise practice or action. In the astral there is no linear time and thus the familiarity should be called perspective (new language on #1436). Carry this understanding and one thing will flow the other with more insightfulness and fulfillment. It is what makes the application of ‘techniques’ successful. It is the right time (partnership in being –implications cleared in #1438) that makes things flow correctly, and not so much the nuances of the “how”. Even if the friend approves the system he will continue to resist because of his primitive origins; the fragmented psyche. However, it will be easier to influence the suitable awareness during those times (ex. the blond boy manifestation and others).

Say for instance a bad-mannered dog enjoys barking out of control. Now imagine the dog owner in the desire to pacify the animal, acquires a second dog that is silent and yet still savage within, in the hope that this new influence commissions the favored result. The bad-mannered dog will run to the doghouse in distress, indeed, and it will whimper inaudibly if vicious enough. But when the second dog snoops a blind eye, so to say, the ill-bred dog will come out of his cocoon mad as hell. This is an example of the latent unresolved unexpressed qualities of the psyche cooking form. But instead, if the dog owner was compassionate he could lead by example. I will not profess that this persistent dispute can be resolved, but I can say unequivocally that nurturing this inner relationship is important because it can make the non-physical imagery that, is passed through comprehensive areas of being (body, mind, more) talk back to us through and through in mutually discerning ways that can be appreciated and developed. In wakefulness it can show itself in the familiarity of an unexpected text or an impression. It can be used to open the channels for guidance during the preliminary stages of meditation and astral projection.

I then discovered the foreign thoughts, which came in the Form of words and sentence fragments splashing in my inner mind, generated a higher level of consistency, coherency –and were much reduced, distant and less pervasive. It penetrated successfully because it was useful. After the dialog and the relaxation that lasted maybe fifteen minutes, I was ready to attempt to quiet the mind. I lost track of time. And then at some point during the earlier stages of sleep, I heard an audible voice that said:

Voice: “It is good that we don’t share everything that we experience”.

It was making a statement. I did not get a sense of the location within the subtle head. To my perspective it was an internal voice that was audible and that sounded like another person. I internally chuckled a little bit as I remembered the earlier dreams. I stayed in the recliner without moving an inch. Because I went in and out of consciousness a few times without generating a 4th dimensional perspective (or becoming objectively aware) within a non-local field, I began to doubt if it was possible to have projection that morning. But, I decided to keep trying. So I stayed in the recliner longer than usual, about one hour and forty five minutes I later discovered, before regaining objectivity one last time.

I heard another voice, in the same way as before, but this time it sounded as if it was reading a paragraph in a book. At the time I noted that I could easily forget, so I focused on the meaning of the words rather than the words themselves. Unluckily, I couldn’t remember the details after waking up. But I do remember the subject: it was about Tesla Teleportation. In his discourse the voice explained about the practicality of its application. It was technical jargon I couldn’t penetrate, as though from a random page of an engineering textbook. I heard the reader for about a minute or so. I had my astral eyes closed and it was dark. At first, it sounded faint or distant, but as I focused on deepening the trance state to anchor my state in the field the voice became more audible and focused; focused because at first, it seemed as if some words could be out of place. I was very objective of my state, and thus as a sat on the recliner the likelihood that I could move my physical lips to record something from within the non-local crossed my mind. But there was no way I could verify this. I decided to experiment for the validity of such views, I think for the third time. As I repeated the words, the movement in the mouth felt the heaviest as it stuttered, but then, when I spoke very slowly and softly it gave the impression, conceivably a false impression even, that my physical body was whispering the words. In retrospect, I think a few sounds could be enunciated, a few sentences or maybe a paragraph if it was something that ought to be done. Although I foresee great difficulty regulating what comes through, and therefore it is not my interest.

Then, inadvertently and as if picking up on something subconsciously, I uttered the word “go”. Instantly, I felt a force yank me up from the recliner. It had opened my eyes and pushed me to a standstill. It was daytime and I could see clearly. I recognized the imagery, the trapezoid windows up near the ceiling, as the living room where I used to live when I was about thirteen years of age. I felt a desire to thank the energy. I placed together the palms of my hands just above my navel, as in prayer, and said “thank you”. Then, with my hands still together, the force guided me across the room, pushed me through the class door without opening it, and carried me floating out and around the house. I was in its grip the entire time. I could sense it was something large, attached and guiding my journey, similar to story about the glowing fruits, the virtues, from two weeks earlier. I did not get the chance to think about further when it spoke:

“Acting on the awareness of the past fulfills the future.”

This is when I felt a greater sense of the immensity of whatever was behind me. On the very edges of my field of view, on the top and on both sides, I could literally see that “something” bulging outwards creating the imagery of a faint silhouette around my perception. At the time and in my logs other insights were described as: a mass of energy embedded in my chest; from inside my body: hands gripping and holding the left and right collar bones, granting the clear impression that it held me firmly in place by its bent knuckles. I also saw the outline of the hands and sensed the curvature of the fingers.

To some extent I felt reluctant, perhaps due to respect, although I can’t know for sure the motives, when I probed with the gesture of the motion of my left hand toward the right shoulder. I stopped just a short distance from it.

Can I identify you?

And then it spoke again:

“Down below”

Uncertain, I dragged my right hand and touched just below the navel. I noticed there was another pressure point there, a mass, as a type of harness that was joining the chest. I woke up suddenly, and at first it seemed prematurely, but then after thinking about it a few minutes I honestly believed that it had ended because I was all I need to know.

I know what the future holds, by glimpses, indeed. Some don’t like that some can know. One can’t know…, blah blah. But that’s a different story. The question presenting itself here is about the identity. What kind of response was “down below”. I kept wondering about it from time to time that morning. “Down below”, was the thinking – I felt a pressure point there. Then, the memory of the pressure points on the left and on the right collar bone unexpectedly came to me, but, the bottom pressure point was made aware only until it was touched, and therefore, there was a mass of energy in the shape of a triangle. It was the Shield of the Trinity showing itself up again. It didn’t take me long to realize the relationship between The Shield of the Trinity and the sum of hundredths of consecutive non-physical experiences built one after the other. I suppose that after one penetrates the non-physical domains as frequently and as easily as going to the supermarket, with the intent to learn, grow and truly understand, without preconceived whatevers, the alleged order and disorder of many things, simultaneously, finds a way to be conceived; or so it appears to me. 1436 & 1438 are the follow-ups and will be expanded separately.

I should state that I’m not a philosopher or a theologian for those that need that.

A bit of history on the Shield of the Trinity:
Analysis by Dale Tuggy, a professor of History and Religious studies:

Image Image

"The Father is God"
"The Son is God"
"The Holy Spirit is God"
"God is the Father"
"God is the Son"
"God is the Holy Spirit"
"The Father is not the Son"
"The Father is not the Holy Spirit"
"The Son is not the Father"
"The Son is not the Holy Spirit"
"The Holy Spirit is not the Father"
"The Holy Spirit is not the Son"

A proposition obtained by another proposition by conversion:

A phone is not a phone; it is a communication device. A computer router is not a router; it is a connection device. A house is not a house; it is a place that protects. An illusion is not an illusion; it is a game. The astral body is not the astral body; it is a medium of expression. Language is not language; it is communication with Form. The subtle body is not the subtle body; it is the way to make sense and understand. A deity is not a deity; it is prevailing awareness. And so it goes something like that, expect revisions. A Form that is a Body, Label or Object, by itself does not have an intrinsic meaning or a value system, but is I often created whimsically as an approximation and thus the energetic distortions rooted in the misunderstood incongruences of Being, Form and Expression show themselves. They lead to adversity.

The Father is ‘being’, the Son is the ‘Form’, and the Holy Spirit is the ‘expression’.

The same sole energy changes form according to the expression of its function or purpose. In my undeveloped awareness this statement can be made to settle some alleged inconsistencies; or so it appears to me.

Paradoxically, in the spirit world the logic is crystal as it conveys the meaning of expression and thus the True Form (And Other Than Form) will be glimpsed –persistent energy that distorts can therefore be re-encoded and processed anew; psychic perception skyrockets; the Energy that binds can be released; the Form (body) that binds can be released; and analogous to temperature range, the same sole (single) Energy can change Form according to the expression of its function; a new state emerges. Up they go if not curved upwards. Receptive readers ought to do this inversely and figure the bearings to the lower states of expression. It is a predictive discourse, and thus it can be made to be useful if confronted. For instance, and I hope to make this a bit more clear with 1325 & 1341. What could be the purgatory and samsara like states: a dimension that is a state in proximity with a membrane, which is a boundary with a repelling force, cannot exist ‘autonomously’ within the agency that governs the ultimate expression of being –the organizing forces that govern the universe. This last statement almost doesn’t make the edit because every sentence must pass a threshold of at least 85% correctness (due to language approximates) from direct experience. But today on 1438, it was shown to be on the right track and therefore valid. Some would rather have it all spell out: what is the meaning of this Jettins? What’s it for? What does it do? Ok, got it. I’ll get to it.

I had the clear knowing that placing the hands together, the wrists, just above the navel, at the base of the triangle, the ‘expression’ of the Holy Spirit if you will, was somehow the right place. I then found this picture below in Wikipedia common website:

Earliest attested version of the diagram, from a manuscript of Peter of Poitiers' writings, c. 1210

I made a search for the word “triangle” in the logs. The only result was #1340. The discovery gave me the chills because it is uncannily similar to the idea about the “partnership in being” expanded on this post after the fact. So maybe the presence, the voice, in the overall, has a valid point that is precise, and in some mysterious way also combined, lol. The answer to the questions is in the awareness of the past.
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