Spirit Guide 101 – The beauty of protectors

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Spirit Guide 101 – The beauty of protectors

Post by Jettins \o/ » October 28th, 2014, 4:58 pm

Spirit Guide 101 – The beauty of protectors - October 24, 2014 – #1446

It was dusk. In a formal celebration, a reunion outdoors. I was sitting at the edge of a round table that could sit about ten people, all occupied. I noticed a police force stepping out of several vans with pistols in their hands, they were coming after me no doubt it. Day became night, and ominous sign. I didn’t have an invitation. A random man that came walking between the tables swiftly approached me; he was the first who picked up on my vibe by the receptiveness to his unwanted.

Subjugated: You don’t have an invitation.

He spoke in a stern manner. I noticed a silly birthday tag with a name tapped to his shirt. I wasn’t wearing one. Then, fortunately, the thought crossed my mind that this gathering could be in the freaking astral. And things felt very physical indeed, but I still had some doubts. In hindsight, there was some receptiveness in my part as well, and thus resulted my questioning the state.

“This could be the astral.”

Meanwhile the thugs were all set to unload their scuffle. Hiding from view, I attempted to levitate a few inches from the paved ground to verify my state, and was successful. I confirmed my condition and was relieved. It was an absolute buzz kill as levitated higher, indeed. The mob, about one hundred of them fools, became angry, terrified, stood up and quickly encircled me. It was breaking the rules set forth by their governing front. They wore their ignorance as a badge of honor. And they hated me for it. What my presence proposed to them; propelled by their receptiveness to my own awareness. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time, again. And they proved it; bullets, cups, whatever was in reach. But nothing hit. I flew to about one meter and with my arm, produced a wave of tranquility in the Form of love, but it was a failure. I realized this meager wave didn’t possess enough charge to sway them, maybe five or six max, but not one hundred concurrently conflicting chumps. And so they pressed harder, the circle contracted and I was boxed. I flew higher to avoid their grip. Then, intuitively and amid the brawl, as in past experiences, I yelled to remind them of past memories:

“Remember when your first child was born, when you first got married with so and so...”, and I noticed the projected voice was combined with the sound of several voices. The predominant voice was that of a lady. I continued for about twenty second becoming outwardly more precise in my declarations. I was not thinking of what to say. It was the repetition of words, my detached thoughts. A sense of auto-pilot guided by intent, empathy. I levitated higher and higher inside the midst of a semi-invisible tornado that formed, and gained strength around me with the spoken words. The mob repelled by the energy was lifted upwards around the boundary. They floated motionless elongating slightly as if something pulled them from above. I felt no pressures or anchor points from this tornado, it was very subtle and gentle, and it glided for a 360 view of the surroundings. The energy was so subtle that it wouldn’t have been acknowledged if it wasn’t for the transparency, at least not at first.

Suddenly, flower sprouts popped in their eyes, their ears, the top of the heads, and the rest of their senses, hiding their faces. Attached to their upper astral body, above the navel. They became quiet and completely still. With their perceptive eyes engaged they would have observed fruits. The fruit is inherent virtue, the flower is the fruit of the virtue; its texture or feature in reference to psychic growth. This was not a gift, a lead to a trap, or anything they didn’t already possess. That was clear. It was a memory response, an expression of form based on a function or purpose; the subtle body being fertile –and it was flourishing. If only provisional. No indication about their destiny per se, it was purely the recognition of a new state of readiness, and the time to become inspired. The senses return immersive feedback when a specific dimensional state is fully tuned and engaged.

I was gently gliding through a void, a space of nothingness, a twilight, with streaks of light that could resemble stars in the background.

“I know you are there”, to something seemingly imperceptible; and not imagined, but inspired. I felt subtle energy forming, hardly distinguishable, a short distance in front and leading.

“You are touching my chest”, I said, with a peaceful serenity that I would like to duplicate and likely triggered by a self-adaptation of the wave.

Voice: They do that.

Referring to the incident. I then looked to my left and saw an astral being apparently overseeing my flight. It was night. His general appearance was a semi-transparent black; a seemingly shimmering mirror reflection of black sapphire pulsating with tiny concentric circles of rainbow colors, as in surface water, overlaying the black sapphire. The inside of his subtle body, the vein like arrangements from within, reviled a nervous system that glowed white. Leathery looking wings of the same color hanged behind him. I have encountered similar beings of this type several times. It became evident that under a different shade of light, in a higher gradient-composite of being, form, and expression, or within a much higher dimension, his presence was majestic. The enhanced details come by the freshness of the memory. I can’t say the same about older experiences. My logs also describe the following: a superhero, a champion, a protector. In hindsight, note the melding of the light and the dark. This happens when entities with features, or properties of a higher dimension decline in status and collapse (psychically –to relay info) into denser bodies, temporarily, while encouraging the positive actions of those of a lower order, time zone. The general approach is to hide, since it’s common that those shinning under a lower light, end up distorting the appearance of guides and overseers. They wait for an increase in perception before showing themselves if they sense that their presence/form can be misunderstood, generating fear. The glowing nervous system, similar to a physical body, coordinates voluntary and involuntary actions and transmits signals between different parts, bodies, worlds -of the being; degrees of being. It was infused to be a property of the subtle body, a multi-dimensional root that makes transferring bodies to and fro a natural trait. There actions are sanctioned.

While looking at his appearance, I asked:

Jet: Are you alive in the physical dimension?

My question had a tone of ambiguity, he became thoughtful for a moment.

Overseer: No.

Jet: Oh, you’re one of the lucky ones!

I regained conscious sitting at barber’s seat. It was a new environment, and I have no recollection of this transition but I think it was quick. I caught myself with a blank stare. I then heard the sound of scissors clipping my hair. I realized that instant that I had lost the self-awareness and the sense of time (this can happen when remaining inactive in some dimensions). It then occurred to me that I sat on the chair oblivious for about thirty seconds or so. There I saw a man, possibly the overseer (50/50) that had brought me, but now fully transformed into a man. He was standing close, observing.

Jet: So, the changes that do happen here are semi-permanent?

Man: Yes

In retrospect, my question was inspired by the hair trimmings. It’s clear that it is in reference to updates to my psychic attributes or the features. The features of the psychic being are flux expanded (as in a handshaking system of negotiating parameters between two –psychic being/degree & astral body/form, coalesce into gradients, in turn collapse into levels and planes, formulating the corresponding Expression) in the astral or elsewhere, when a dimension is produced, immersed. A few days later during #1448, the motive behind this insight was brought to a closure.

Jet: Then I’m going to need some special gear. (Partial memory, something to that effect)

My statement triggered a modest chuckle, we’d been through the same.

After the trimming the man asked me to follow. We stopped in a larger rectangular lounge with red booths across the perimeter of the walls. There was a large walking area in the middle of this building. He sat in one of the empty booths.

Jet: What is the purpose of this lesson?

The man, by means of squinting his stare, communicated that he was rather interested in my input and thus became uncertain of what to say. In the logs this subtle exchange was also described as: make me see, make me realize, make me understand.

Jet: There are many possibilities in which to evolve. There are many unseen realities. Simply because they’re not seen, doesn’t mean they’re not there.

I stated without hesitation. Then I noticed a Hindu looking lady in her twenties in the adjacent booth and in the motion of standing. She overheard my statement and became intrigued. I glanced back at the young man. I assessed the general situation; and it was the sense of being real and unreal at the same time. Though it was not merely another delusion of sorts, at least it didn’t seem that way. The things there had some worth, some direction. The man and the lady knew something could be gained, or built upon to be more precise, this was our mindfulness at the time. His facial expression was rather slight, and while sitting, I recognized that he was interested in how I would go about it and, that we could make this effort in friendship. I noticed another interesting peculiarity, a duality, a feature in the subtleness of his form approximated to the current environment; he was using it to develop in connection with energy of a higher source. Today it is stated, but at some point in the future, I will have to expand on this observation to minimize inherent distortions.

There was the distinct sense of things having an overall meaning, and so it felt imprudent to undermine the occasion for this reason; indeed, this was not the time.

“But that’s more the world of philosophy than of practicality”, I said, focusing on the relevancy of the task at hand. Still standing in the next booth the lady eavesdropped prudently and produced a smile. I could tell she was thinking about having a pleasant chat. She walked away. I woke up.
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