Some Brightness

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Some Brightness

Post by Jettins \o/ » December 26th, 2014, 5:52 pm

December 24 -2014 – Vibrant Hue - unlogged.

I was with my father. There was an oddity about our astral environment.

“Do you see that?”

My father acknowledged.

I waved my hand trying to get a better feel for the substance. It appeared like hazy brightness that was everywhere; as a layer of bright light reflecting through the density of water, with seemingly heavier areas in the shape of cerebral neurons, hanging ubiquitously and twinkling like sparkles.

“But it’s not air and it’s not water”, I reflected. There was no sense of pressure as when exerting force against something. A sort of airless vacuum that looked more like water. I took a deep breath and nothing, no resistance, no air passed through my nostrils. In essence, it was evidently neither air nor water. And with a mild form of lucidity intrinsic to the inquiry, I trotted the house trying to comprehend. I noticed it was everywhere. I woke up.

Glowing Moon - December 24, 2014 - #1485

I returned back to bed after a few minutes of wakefulness. It occurred to me to try something different. Usually I focus on quasi-physical sensations (that’s the falling, expanding, and relaxing) to help trigger the awareness, the recognition, of the immersion process; but that day, I decided for the effort of engaging visual perceptions for the same resolve. No mention on the place of area of focus within the subtle head, purposely so. The reason why I prefer the subtle sensations instead of a visual phenomenon during the transitions, if I could choice, is because the former seems to enhance my cognition during the process, making it that much more likely to work. But success is either is just a matter of nurturing the method that is favored, it seems. And of course and as always, holding the many variables that can impede projections under some governance.

For instance during Dream Exit Induced Lucid Dreams (DEILD), it has been noted that it is more effective to concentrate on the subtleties because it alters the destination to the measure, that is from a lucid dream to a full blown projection, which is to say from internally constricted distorted (physic plane) to internally expanded re-arranged (astral dimension). Re-ordered to the measure of the qualities of being (of the psychic being), that is, to the degree of what is true and good, and in reference to the most relevant matter, usually the unfinished Forms that require a better understanding or fulfillment, collapsed into a perceivable container that is the Form (body); the aggregate sentience or ego awareness, the prevalent propensities of the psyche within Form (body), and thus the perceptions -any. There are many bodies. Bodies are re-ordered in degrees, it is evident. And with assistance, achieve stability when various realizations have been met. And since there is no real time but only apparent time, transitions from one state of being in reference to another (readiness states by means of intuitive awareness) take the Form (body) of instructions, signs or symbols; the effect of insight awareness rippling across time-warps or worlds separated by time, as it where, and tapping itself into richer and deeper areas of being (what is true and good); which in practical purpose is the working qualified future guiding itself through time –because it can- in the past-present. Not because it is anticipated, but because it is there. And it is the same as simply saying: Possessing that which is capable or in reach, granting innate guidance as a result.

After about two minutes or so I lost awareness, but then luckily regained it when I saw a floating moon behind the blackness of my closed eye lids. The brightness of the moon as it increased, consumed the darkness, or so it seemed, by the gradual withering away of the surrounding obscurity. The darkness subsequently disappeared and the moon floated just below the ceiling; it rotated brightly on its axis revealing the far side, overlaying the sky blue background of the painted ceiling. The rest of the room was clear. I lay there analyzing the perceptions:

“The moon looks like it’s about the size of a coin (quarter) at arm’s length. No it’s bigger. Like if it was three inches from my face”

The moon began to gyrate and spun faster and faster. The perimeter broke into segments of neon color shapes, congealed together, in the meticulous shape of a buckyball and similar to the picture below.

Asymmetrical segments then broke away and spun while retaining the overall integrity of its buckyball form.

“It broke apart, it looks like soccer ball, is that a more cohesive version of the core-self? I can make better sense of it like that.”

The outline of a particular asana posture that I remember having seen only once or twice and done as many times, manifested itself with a gold like overcast color; like that of vibrant current. I will share in due time.

“Is that an asana posture there?”

Evidently it was, and so I thought so in wonderment by the unexpectedness.

“Could it be the merger of what I’m doing with components of yoga?” (No Rosetta Stone bridging relationships as far as I’m concerned).

There was a change in perception. Either the segments of the buckyball disappeared and the moon emerged again, or the segments integrated back together transforming into the moon. I did not notice the transition. But now the moon was different. It was the same size as before but flat; spinning like a coin in its axis. With the faces of the moon recognizable as such, and from an ring of energy that encircled it, as it spun, a beam of electric current of the same type emerged and shot straight into my forehead. Meanwhile I saw the detailed outline of two books, with their electric perimeter and thoroughly invisible within, fall one after the other, just over my head on the left.

I woke up.

This is the type of experience that usually gets bagged in my logs, hardly ever experiencing the sight of others. And so I almost don’t share it. How could I? There have been three other consecutive related moon experiences in the last week that shed light into this issue. Even if it was shared, not only the act of doing unintentionally distorts them somewhat, but the misconstrued residues of the energies in proximity do so as well; the misguided preconceptions, acting like leeches that suck ourselves to death. And so I've noticed. And so I have resorted to discriminatory reading in such topics.

But then I lay there the morning of the 26th of December, the day this was written, and thinking.

“How can I share this?”

“There’s no way I can share that one.”

“What can I say that creates less distortion than more distortion?”

The awareness of their significance was beveling my mind like an arrow pressing against my skull. It was my way of trying to put something on paper, something that was good and true.

Even now it still doesn’t make that much sense, and I don’t want it to have dumb mundane clarity-distorting paradoxical nonsense that I might be necessary to explain it to some readers, and with a tiny inadequate picturesque image of the incidences how is this inevitable?

Alduos Huxley puts it agreeably in his book The Doors of Perception near the introduction:

We live together, we act on, and react to, one another; but always and in all circumstances we are by ourselves. The martyrs go hand in hand into the arena; they are crucified alone. Embraced, the lovers desperately try to fuse their insulated ecstasies into a single self-transcendence; in vain. By its very nature every embodied spirit is doomed to suffer and enjoy in solitude. Sensations, feelings, insights, fancies - all these are private and, except through symbols and at second hand, incommunicable. We can pool information about experiences, but never the experiences themselves. From family to nation, every human group is a society of island universes. Most island universes are sufficiently like one another to Permit of inferential understanding or even of mutual empathy or "feeling into." Thus, remembering our own bereavements and humiliations, we can condole with others in analogous circumstances, can put ourselves (always, of course, in a slightly Pickwickian sense) in their places. But in certain cases communication between universes is incomplete or even nonexistent. The mind is its own place, and the Places inhabited by the insane and the exceptionally gifted are so different from the places where ordinary men and women live, that there is little or no common ground of memory to serve as a basis for understanding or fellow feeling. Words are uttered, but fail to enlighten. The things and events to which the symbols refer belong to mutually exclusive realms of experience. - Thus, it seems virtually certain that I shall never know what it feels like to be Sir John Falstaff or Joe Louis. On the other hand, it had 4 always seemed to me possible that, through hypnosis, for example, or autohypnosis, by means of systematic meditation, or else by taking the appropriate drug, I might so change my ordinary mode of consciousness as to be able to know, from the inside, what the visionary, the medium, even the mystic were talking about. - Alduos Huxley

Energetic flow – December, 26, 2014 - #1486

On that tone I lay in bed feeling particularly well relaxed. Then I felt a sudden falling sensation. There was no gap it awareness this time, and so naturally I became alert of my whereabouts. I relaxed with deep breaths to strength my state, to anchor within and stabilize. I felt my right had becoming warm, and so I opened my astral eyes and without conscious impetus my attention gleaned towards it. It was placed above my abdomen or stomach; fingers touching the surface my shirt. There was visible light in that area of the body adjacent to the hand. In the surface of the skin, and the part of my fingers that made contact with my body, glowed bright white.

“It is healing”, I thought spontaneously.

I then moved the hand to my heart. It came to me that in that place it could spread unimpeded throughout the body. The main arteries then seemingly lit up brightly over my clothing; it was nighttime and so it shone dimly in the room.

“It’s healing and recharging”, I thought in regards.

The current seemed to be slightly stronger and the light more illuminating.

Meanwhile it came over me that I felt something that didn’t match my eyes; my legs felt straight and yet my knees seemed bent. Soles flat on the bed. I discovered I wasn’t alone.

Then I heard the whisper of a man speak as if close to my ear.

“You are fully charged now”.

I closed my astral eyes to encourage further communication. But he didn’t speak again. I then stood up from the bed unsure if to explore the dimension. However the right wall of the bedroom was gone, as if never built, and thus I knew it was the signal of encouragement to keep going. In the 4th or 5th floor from which I floated outward, and judging by the distance of the ground, there was a certain sense of ease, of acceptance, of belonging. There was vegetation down below, grasslands. I raised my arm and looked up towards the sky to see them both simultaneously; the clouds of a typical bright moonlit night and my hands.

“Why is there no moon?” It was bright and the moon was missing, and so I wondered.

There was a strong sense of fullness; of being in the moment. I slid across the sky beholding a healthy glow emanating from my arms.

“Thank you Lord”, I had the resolve to express before waking up.

The first thought:

“It was an experience in the psyche. I am the moon. I was the brightness”
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