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A fork in the road - The amicable community

Post by Jettins \o/ » January 2nd, 2015, 9:46 pm

A Fork in the Road - December 31, 2014 - #1489

“Hey, hey, hey what are you doing?” I accosted in a quick staccato voice.

My cousin stared at the wall of the room in a trance like state. There was a mild sense of dread that presented itself as an expectation of incoming waves; as a type of denser ethereal substance about to penetrate the atmosphere of our bodies in that fashion.

I lay down flat in a thin mattress on the floor of my aunt’s house. My cousin sat on his bed adjacent to me.

“Hey, hey”, but nothing.

I glanced at the wall and noticed a small creepy looking TV set from the 70s with a murky lake in its screen. The water was ink black and it undulated in the screen giving the impression that the Tube was alive; the clear distinction that it was a doorway or a portal.

“HEY, HEY, what are you doing?” I sat up and asked again.

But he ignored and kept fixated on the TV.

I glanced back at the TV and saw that the entire wall had now transformed into the same ominous substance. And there was no need to elaborate, it was evident that I wasn’t going to have any of it. And so I grabbed his arm and lugged him through the hallway to the porch outside the house. On the way he blurred in a somber tone and half way into his daze.

“I, I, I SHOULD HAVE STAYED WATCHING IT.” - Resigned and wretched.

“Don’t focus on that…, come on, let’s go to a better place…., let’s do that”.

Once outside on the porch he recovered. I held his hands.

“We’ll go to a better place, do you understand?”


“On the count of 3 we will jump and we will go together.”

“One, two,---”

There was no time for the jump; a powerful prevailing force (aka Deity) pulled us through the ground plane, as if for the purpose of facilitating our actions and in clear anticipation and supervision.

The ground plane virtually broke like a cracker in the hands of something. After the ground plane we floated in the air like skydivers ten thousand feet from the ground; judging from experience. Except that the wind felt smooth and the falling sensation was imperceptible.

“How nice”, I said to my cousin as we floated.

The sky was his own transition, elements of his own disengagement. And this became crystal when I saw his new presence. I understood why he had transformed into an eight years old version of himself because it had happened to me long ago, but I didn’t mentioned it. In a sudden FLUSH sound the entire skydiving scene faded and we were on the surface. The transition registered sudden but natural. We arrived near a beautiful and bright bucolic cabin in the middle of the woods; pristine grass all the way up to our ankles comprised of large dense pine trees of the same type around the perimeter of the property. There were small Lego blocks scattered abundantly in the grass. The boy sat down, picked up a Lego and proceeded to play with them without further distraction.

It happens that when an entity arrives to eligible dimensional states the memories required to exist in the new state increase or diminish accordingly. And so in all practical purposes the Form (body) of understanding (Why and How of the Expression) modifies itself to bring forth the potential fulfillment into relevance; whatever it may be. This is why he became like a young boy. Because of his unpolluted memoirs. Readiness states (or the course of equilibrium) revert back or go onwards as implied by the word and consequently it is a time of restoration. Since this individual has a physical body, his progression will become familiarly to his psyche as by the spontaneous inspiration and sensibility of youth. He is likely more suggestible, his wife could benefit. In his case it seems as though he could construct something better; and old impression will have fertility to mature perhaps. This is all I can say. Knowing my cousin as much as anybody else I could try to make a prediction, but that would just be my speculation. And I won’t inject distortions knowingly so. Not unless it is revealed unambiguously through experience in which case it ceases to be an interpretation.

After the scene with the boy playing with the Legos I suddenly re-appeared elsewhere. Something was different about the surroundings.

“No, this is not like the physical”, I thought –meaning not like any place that I visit in the physical world.

Objectivity increased. Then I saw another boy unlike my cousin staring at me and just standing there.

Then I spoke, in all likelihood attempting to curtail to the needs of the little boy. (The blond boy manifestation.., #1429 perhaps)

“Would you like to go to a better place?”

“Yes”, the boy said with a desire to hold my hand. I was apparently just outside his house, but I didn’t recognize it. We then walked through the concrete wall as I’ve done many times; and without concern for the ostensible boundary of the Form we went through it effortlessly. Like it wasn’t even there. On the other side of the wall we came to the meadow near the cabin.

As we began to walk towards the cabin I spoke continuously and gave him the rundown. I do not remember the exact wording and so I will paraphrase as close as possible.

“We needed to turn back time. It happens that the things they don’t understand requires them to relinquish the wickedness to get closer to a time that can take them to a better place. Similar to my cousin he was focusing on something that was harmful. To realize that he had to connect to the portion of him that was a different fork in the road and develop that in connection he need to become a boy. In the grass he began to -------“

BAM, I got blasted in my larynx by a force before I could utter more insight about the significance of playing with the Legos. The energy itself beamed inadvertently from the subtle body of the young boy as he walked before me. It came in the particular Form of the nick of a barley plant slamming in my throat. I immediately recognized as expounding too much and became quiet; and that it hadn’t sealed my lips but rather strongly advice not to say another word. There was no residual feeling. Walking up the few steps to the raised platform that was the base level of the cabin I saw the walls were of crude logs cut in half and placed abreast. A short time passed before entering the cabin. Inside I spoke again.

“We are going to go to the best possible place, so on the count of 3 you are going to jump and we are going to say: the best possible place, OK?”

“OK”, the boy concurred. We held hands.

A swift thought crossed my mind that there was the low possibility that it could fail. In the past this has happened when teleporting those that are still unprepared to disengage for one reason or other.

“One, two, three.”

And so we jumped and went through the ground plane without struggle. But it was different. It didn’t happen like the first time. There was no prevailing force anticipating our actions, and the ground didn’t split in half like a cracker. Granting the impression that we now knew how to work with the force. The sky scenario emerged again in the same way as before.

“You know about this” the boy said as his eyes glared at me.

He had just picked it up from my mind as I remembered it.


“I was just here with my cousin.”

The Amicable Community – Part 2

I vanished from the sky and re-appeared inside a small living room. I recognized the house. I had been there before some three or four times I seemed. I felt compelled to glance below the arched doorway that led to the outside the house. There, as it were, it seemed as if my perception changed with the expansion of the walls; as if the entire layout including the appliances, the chairs, the tables, the decorations expanded with it as well. And because of the seamless integration of my perceptual abilities with the living room space itself, my cognition could only account for that which the immaterial substance endorsed. It lasted just a few seconds and everything returned to normality. I can only make sense of it in this way now that I’m awake. At the time it seem simply odd. After this metamorphosis -which happens a quite frequently don’t mind the description- I stood above the ground of a small and friendly looking village. And so from within the living room [that is the state; psychic being; features/traits contracted] the village seamlessly imaterialized [that is the location; the astral dimension; features/traits expanded] accordingly.

It was a beautiful day outside; an auspicious sign. Naturally, or without participation, I hovered to about a foot high. From there, I saw a small lake (or large pond) in the center of a park; with wooden structures floating a few inches over the surface; made for walking from one side of the lake to the other. I began to fly to the center when I noticed a murkiness about the water around the platforms. It felt out of place. I reflected from about ten feet above the water.

“What I’m I doing here.”

I then remembered an astral experience from December, 23, 2014, #1484 by its name. I called it “the monkey business” for quick reference. It came by Form of a suggestion from someone, a young man I can trust. Suffice to say that in that experience a situation presented itself, that was of my own formation, as I realized, to “I will never forget what is happening right now”, and so he was there -the relevant instruction. And he asked me a question for the answer. I then woke up and I knew to user inner guidance in my activities unlike a monkey; and that I was permitted to choice –to be that other. And so with that mindfulness I decided to fly to the right and sit on the ledge of a wooden staircase on the side of the lake.

“I’m just going to go down there sit and observe.” – I thought.

I flew down and sat. A few seconds later a man suddenly came out of a picturesque looking door adjacent to the staircase. His house was on the perimeter of the road that encircled the lake.

“What are you doing, get out of here”, the startled.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t know”.

He sensed my sincerity and quickly became gracious and maybe somewhat apologetic because at another moment, by the affinity of the individuals in the village, the neighbors opened their doors as if synchronized. And they slowly came to greet me; to welcome me. It was their longing to assist those in the community that created their connectedness, their direction. And it came my turn because I was visiting.

I slowly hovered over the road glancing the houses along the road. I then turned around and stopped. From there I saw there were now two lines. To my right were those that wanted to greet me, and to the left were those that wanted to simply see me. Further ahead the lines merged into a group.

Now what happened next was interesting and funny at the same time. And I’ve learned not to belittle astral communities if what they do is well intended, no matter how they say it. And so they held hands and with the sheer intent power of the group, they pulled an unsuspecting individual from wherever, and into the road before me. The teleported man startled half way to death because he wasn’t expecting it, as I’ve noticed can happen. And so by his sheer bewilderment, the others understood to let him go and he quickly faded away. A man from the community stood in his place, dazed for a moment, but with a smile in his face and wearing the clothing of the entity he had just channeled, or whatever. His clothing slowly faded back to his own and he was his normal self.

“No don’t do that, it’s not necessary.”

They attempted to make me happier, welcome me, by bringing in a friend into the scene. No doubt a custom of the village. But they had misjudged. And it comes to show the mindset of the lucid practitioner comes in handy. During another time I might have fallen for it, but isn’t that what already happens, who knows. I floated about one foot of the ground.

Some of them began to walk towards more curiously others walked away disappointed.

“I’m physically alive”, I said.

“We all are”, replied a lady.

“No, I mean I have a physical body in the physical dimension.”

I heard the telepathic voice of a man audible in my inner mind: “He’s one of those”.

“He’s different”, the lady said to the others as she stared at me.

She had the palm of her hand extended towards me as if trying to pet a friendly puppy or something. More pleasantly curious than surprised.

I turned to the left and faced the village. The village was now larger, more like a modern town with shops and things. I reflected.

“The man that was just here, he didn’t want to be here” – the teleported one.

“Let me see if I can do the same” – Meaning leave the dimension without moving. I had before.

I closed my astral eyes and saw blackness. I then attempted to glitch through the center of the subtle head; that is exiting through the head as though it was the ground plane; without moving. I focused on something to happen. I held no thought in particular just the sheer intent to leave. I felt something Form in the area of focus; a flickerish waviness moving fast with the rest of the perception.

Then I saw the general scene from a moment before, the outlines of the buildings, in a light blue color overlaying the rest of the flickerish darkness transforming itself back in time. First there was the modern city, and the more I pressed with the intent, the older the structures; from modern times to 17th century or so. I realized this by opening my eyes occasionally and seeing the deconstruction of the nearby energy, its history, an old mill, through the viewpoint of in transition, time travel. I felt reluctant to stop. I was unsure where I was going to end up. A thought came over me.

“I shouldn’t do this, I should wake up now.”

I pulled backwards as if to retreat from the void and the blue outlines faded ahead and disappeared. I opened my eyes and saw I was inside a type of misty tornado, a tunnel or bridge between worlds. The tornado had small gaps and so I could see I was still inside the original transport, the void. I slid through the center of the tornado, as if through the center of the subtle head, for about five seconds, until I woke up in my bed. I knew I had gone very far.

Before this experience that morning my intention was: A mission that I can do and that is not dangerous. The ideas was fully formulated in a sentence. And there was a mission and there was the concern for safety. The visit to the amicable community appears to be in reply to my earlier suggestion.

“There is nice authentic Christian Heaven up there, somewhere. I don’t doubt amicable Yogis and Yoginis could be invited for a short stay. I’d like to read those stories. It be an interesting perspective.”

Maybe the next best thing at the time. But who can know these things for sure. What I do know for sure is that a something can perceive my thoughts.


There are pawns, knights, bishops, kings and queens like in a chess board. They maneuver differently and are part of the same game. The structure knows the capability of each peace, who they are, how they function, and thus are moved with or without struggle and concern, accordingly. In the process of corresponding the game of chess the pawns perish by their folly, and the Kings and Queens endure and Flourish. And so working with structure and not against is desirable. There is subtle information if one uses a system, any, that facilitates and accelerates its progression, and thus the sentience or overall quantity of cognition, recognition, to that conclusion. There are already established systems, Form (body) of instructions, which are languages of understanding; support systems. And so: when in doubt, find out. My suggestion is not to ask anyone to contrive, but to expect signals along the way. The energies of Structure, higher order, don’t want me to voice some things directly (this is why the nick in the throat and my wide-ranging approach) for a reason. It is evident we are making our doing or undoing; paradoxically it is also a directive of complex order.

Assistance is not placed in the psyche like a Hardrive, Stone, Package, or splinter of knowledge that needs to be found or burst open. I have been mistaken before. Through the eye of structure or higher perception, these manifestations of guidance are guideposts so to say, and like conglomerate of bearings (arrows) for use in navigation towards the recognition of an understanding, not the information-data-content itself. And since the energy of the information must pass through psychic perception (intuition) for it to be comprehended as data in proximity (guidance) it follows that the expounded (burst open) knowledge or teaching does not stand inherently embedded like a Hardrive or a Rock, it does so like the fruit of a flower; the appreciation of growth. It takes many bodies of knowledge. Therefore it is also like water flowing through a curved pipe; it rides through the mold of the psyche. What is the mold? The form (body) of Expression collapsed into limited insight. The other part the byproduct.

All information is already there somewhere; teachers help guide the discovery of its awareness. Like the angelic being who in #887 gave me a spongy substance to drink not to anchor me in is grip but to guide me through the winds of Karma, or so to say past lives. They use systems of belief that conveys significance. So guidance waits (as in the memory buffer of two worlds separated by time) for the right state when it knows it can have the desired outcome in the chess game, or appear to wait for in reality it is us who delay the opening window for their instructions to fit our conceptions. And thus on a states of readiness the teacher and the neglected are pushed together towards closure, equilibrium. The structure is timeless, and the teacher or helper is the vessel of the language for the delivery of the word –because the word must make sense.


I would like to say that the readers should not put heavy emphasis on my writing style, or what can supposedly be glimpsed of the individuals in question that is not otherwise stated. There will be more unwitting distortion if the focus is on the way something is articulated instead of the underlying connections, especially if transferred into the astral dimensions –this is why some have seen me behind a mask they do not understand. And so with style, or the way of expressing things on paper (the action verbs, sentence structure and more) I have emphasized only for legibility and clarity, and not because the happenings as some of the strong action verbs suggest are necessarily so enthusiastic or lethargic. For example: I could say “trotted” for “walked briskly ” but then trotted is doing so briskly with four legs and so with a human it stylistically conveys, may deliver subconsciously, that the action was somehow rampant or uncontrollable if there’s a link to the horse. The same with “dragged” which associates with pulling heavily which could also mean “pushing from behind with difficulty”. The same with “accosted” which associates with mistreated but could also mean “ask vigorously”. The reverse with “Deity” with suggests something grandiose when it could also mean “prevailing awareness”.

My intentions are to include (in my mind at least) just enough details to develop a working hypothesis for the things in question. Therefore, I can use the words loosely at times if it doesn’t change the disposition of an action, the understanding, to the extent that it changes the significance of what actually took place; so that it may be repeated in the future. I will unravel my presumptions, this burden shouldn’t be placed on the reader.
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