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Solidarity – January 3, 2015 - #1490

It was a nice sunny bright beautiful sparkling day an ominous sign indeed, somewhere in my Caribbean. And I was marching with my brother all nice and dandy down the sidewalk. And so we followed him into an indoor basketball court because he wanted to play a game. As soon as I entered I sensed a hostility. It was the vibe from their eyes. In my reaction I turned around and walked for the exit. But the three thugs had marked me. They were coming after me and doing so secretively because they didn’t want to let the others know. They didn’t want to let me know of their plans. I could sense it. Outside the heavy double doors of the gym I stopped and closed my eyes.

I saw darkness. I concentrated on the center of my subtle head. “Not this again, bring peace to me”. I then felt a distinct pressure zone like an electric current on my subtle head glide down my right arm and generate a burst out my hand. It was sudden and district. And it was involuntary. The way the energy dispersed was physically impossible, and so became objectively aware, or was I. I flew away from the irrelevancy. But in the back of my mind I knew there was the possibility that the thugs would still want a go at it. Lucky for them, or maybe unlucky for them that I remembered I had my powers. Powers, perhaps that’s not even the right way to call something that’s not intended to be defensive. But still, situations are different, experiences change… And we change!

I landed in a large vacant lot on the side of the road to enter an abandoned house. In hindsight probably not the best of schemes but that’s all there was. I did not want to face them because of the possibility that to stop them, confront them, I would have to peel them to death like a banana, that’s if they didn’t persuade, and as you can imagine that can get very sloppy and juicy. Better not to even go there. Or maybe that’s just the vivid lucid dream congrats lets go there mind you. What sucks is that once you’re that lucid you can’t just not go through with it, you can’t just wake up and say I just didn’t get my ass kicked and not feel like a sissy. And so there’s that. How to deal with it? The best Ninja Shadow move? Or maybe the slowing down of bullets like from the Matrix! No counter move for that. Cool right? No, not so cool. Ah shut up you it’s cool. There’s got to be an advantage for sexy lucid dreamer, Boo-ya!

I sneaked pass the main wall of the hidden house that lead further into the maze. But there, and as if by magic the thugs had anticipated all my p.r.o.c.l.i.v.i.t.i.e.s. I mean they must have read my mind! How else could they freaking know where I was going to be standing? There was here to go, there was over there, but no, they was right there. How did the leader sneak passed my blind spot. Crap, maybe it is really all just in my mind. To teleport and appear like that, just irrational. I should have thought of that too. Can’t they just knock on wood and and introduce themselves like nice folks? What did I ever do to them to merit this! It’s all in my head for starters. I can make then do anything. Ahh, I’ll fight them -I’ve had it. I can win. I’m slicing them Bruce Lee style! Maybe they haven’t, Jacky Chan. Bah, what a dummy, I think I just told them.

But the thugs had anticipated something about his real inner spirits, not this stupid satire. And so their leader lifted his right arm in the air, in salute, and discharged a light blue welder light before me from his hand. In peace, and with a smile in his face. Exactly as if I had opened my eyes earlier, as if it had been me, he, who'd discharged it. But isn’t that what already happens unconsciously.

“Hola Papi”, I saluted back. Hispanic gang slang for “hey buddy”, no not really. And so I walked away having dealt with the gang problem.

“No monkey business here.” -I thought.

“I’m here.”

“Brother, can you hear me?”

“Brother, can you hear me?”

“Maybe he can hear me but can’t reply”

“Brother, to communicate back to me simply put your attention on the center of the subtle head and as you speak your words, think of me, think of me.”

“H e l l o, h e l l o, I can hear you.”

"I can hear you on the right of it."

“Yes, there you are, loud and clear.

Yes, you’re in my head, I can hear you too.”

I had found my brother, he stood in the sidewalk before me.

There was my brother, and he was me. Read it backwards if you don’t get it.
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