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The Sage

Post by Jettins \o/ » January 7th, 2015, 12:18 am

The Sage - January 5, 2015 - #1492

It was nighttime and I had a visitor passing through. The lights in my little house were dim and we sat in the dining table. I wanted to ask him questions and record his answers, for an interview of sorts. And in the same way that as it was done when we met physically I connected the SnowBall microphone to the computer and started to record. There were things to know and things to say.

I asked the first question and there was a short answer. I asked the second question and as I listen attentively to his reply my consciousness faded into unawareness. An undetermined amount of time passed. When I slowly drifted back into self-awareness I swiftly picked up the inner voice of someone else, his own words, talking as if through me, finalize the conversation with Michael Beloved. I had seemingly wondered away to grant greater mindfulness to this other entity, likely living within my own psyche, the ability to conduct the conversation with him in ways that I could not. I sensed this to be so at the time because of the peculiarity of the inner voice upon my return to cognition and the lingering awareness that there was missing time.

Michael stood up, the conversation had finished. I stood up.

“How long have we been talking”, I asked him perplexed.

“About 35 minutes.”

“35 minutes? I blacked out. I only remember about 5. The last thing I remember was what I said about Brazil.”

Michael walked away. I glanced my surroundings and noticed he had brought a visitor; a young and amiable looking Pakistani or Indian man. There were also others talking among each other. There was even that old man, a random neighbor that sits next to his cane in his little porch apparently all day long. Many times I have seen him just sit there when I zoom by with my bicycle.

“Out of all the people what is he doing here? That I’m thinking about that I’m thinking about that he is here makes it more interesting.” I reflected with a mild form of lucidity. I hindsight, I think because he might be dying sooner than later.

I heard an annoying television set and noticed others watching it. I left the room and followed Michael to another part of the house.

“Why do you think that is?”

He came closer to my ear and then said:

“Because I shined you.” – Meaning that he had cause the Kundalini rise to my head for the blackout or something to that effect. I can go with this.

There was a change in perception and I did not register this at the time. It was now daytime. All the visitors had left and I was with my parents in the house. My father made a comment about opening the window to let fresh air in. Suddenly and truly out of nowhere I heard a telepathic voice inside my head speak to me. I first thought I lay the bed, but when I opened my eyes and saw clarity I realized I was standing in a version of my astral home. The voice went on. It came through precisely in the center of my subtle head with crystal clarity, and undistorted, as if that center was virtually piercing through into another world unobstructed. The reverberations of the intonations made him sound as if it was coming from a heavenly source, as far as my body of understanding goes, and distinctly different than the usual telepathic voice. Similar to how the Angelic beings of the highest order can sound like in their own domains.

I will try to describe the location of this perception in more detail. To me, it felt as if there was a soap bubble inside the center of my subtle head; with no discernable mass that I could sense once it was fully engaged with the alertness. This was realized when I discovered that my attention focused on the very edge of the bubble from behind; when the concentration was moved to the center, I noticed there was a miniscule jiggle about its southern edge (closer to the back), and just before the full force of the voice came blasting through into my inner mind. It was during this jiggle that I sensed it was like a soap bubble, afterwards I couldn’t distinguish its boundaries. It was more like the singularity of a gateway rather than the mass or threshold of a portal between worlds. There is a distinct difference.

The telepathic voice continued undeterred by my thoughts and adjustments for about three minutes or so. But the peculiarities of how he Expressed himself, his thoughtfulness, was as justifying interesting as the meaning of the message itself. Even at the time. In between sentences I could hear the modulations of his tongue slide against his lips, as if through an amplified microphone, granting the definite understanding that his gesture was that of a thinking wise man, a Sage, selecting his words carefully. As he spoke in short statements he would pause seemingly prematurely, reflect, and then continue coherently from one thought to the next –in searching for something. As if an archaic body of timeless knowledge was accessed, in reconciliation to my own Form (body) of understanding, and through the perception of an old sage of a high order, as it were, had found a way to deliver that which I needed to know at the time. And this message was about fulfilling a certain possibility, transformation. But the meaning of his message pertains to me only. And the peculiarities of his thoughtfulness, the wisdom through reflection and experience, pertains to everyone else.


I did not know why he came through the way he did immediately when I awoke, with his peculiarities as discernable in the message itself, but when I read the forum I understood. Coincidentally it was shared the same day. It would appear that our conversation, the black out, is waiting in my psyche, in a buffer, to be used as a signpost on a need to know basis. More than enough.

All information is already there somewhere; teachers help guide the discovery of its awareness. Like the angelic being who in #887 gave me a spongy substance to drink not to anchor me in is grip but to guide me through the winds of Karma, or so to say past lives. They use systems of belief that conveys significance. So guidance waits (as in the memory buffer of two worlds separated by time) for the right state when it knows it can have the desired outcome in the chess game, or appear to wait for in reality it is us who delay the opening window for their instructions to fit our conceptions. And thus on a states of readiness the teacher and the neglected are pushed together towards closure, equilibrium. The structure is timeless, and the teacher or helper is the vessel of the language for the delivery of the word –because the word must make sense.

And it must make sense, undistorted in its essence, otherwise it wouldn’t happen. It wouldn’t connect.

Bhagavad Gita is verse 34 of chapter 4.

— this; — know; — by submitting as a student; — by asking questions; — by serving as requested; — they will teach; — you; — knowledge; — those who know; — perceptive reality-conversant sages (there was a problem uploading some of the special characters to the database and so I had to remove them).

This you ought to know. By submitting yourself as a student, by asking questions and by serving as requested, the perceptive reality-conversant teachers will teach you the knowledge. (4.34)

Can consequently become,

This you ought to know. By submitting yourself as a student, by asking questions and by serving as requested, the perceptive reality-conversant teachers - who are wise through reflection and experience - will teach you the knowledge (4.34)

The rest of the post with the full translation can be found here:
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