Sunny day

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Sunny day

Post by Jettins \o/ » January 17th, 2015, 4:27 pm

Sunny Day - January 9, 2015 - #1493

Early in the morning I was trying to have an out-of-body experience and at some point in the process I fell to sleep. I then found myself unexpectedly sitting in the chair of a dining table with my eyes closed and trying to induce a sensation of the trance condition. The first objective had permeated through into the unconscious, or rather, the subconscious or else had made a breakthrough by means of an appreciable experience, into the realm of the conscious. My body tilted to the left almost falling off and my head tilted further. The thought came to me that I could attempt to trigger a subtle sensation to help recognize that I was already there. And for this I imagine energy expanding outwards from the head. I had not thought of this exist strategy during wakefulness for at least a year, in came only there, which leads me to wonder if this was the only method that would have generated objectivity at the time. This is what I meant by breakthrough. And there is a reason for this distinction. Potential discrepancies between expectations and practicality can exist, even though the goal being nonetheless unchanged. The psyche ought to be vigilant for either, or else more efforts will be futile. Maybe a special agreement with the relevant energies would be prudent.

And so a bump of wavy energy emerged from my subtle head and extended outwards in the form of a mist. There was no sense of being in either place right after the mass formed, but then, my objective suddenly spawned in the mist. Or so it seemed because of the feeling of separation. And I floated seemingly shapeless in between the legs of the table and the chairs without obstruction half way in the ground. In other words it appeared as though there ought to be confinement by the solidity of the wooden sticks, but there was none. I then felt a hard pointed material poke my back. I seized it with my hand. Initially it felt like the wooden end of a broom, but as I held it longer, the mass of energy began to transform in my grip. I was unsure if this energy was going to encourage my participation. But when I sensed a slight momentum going headlong to the bright glass door that illuminated the otherwise darkened home, I knew it was. On the other side of the glass I saw a square table with clean white mantle that gave off the impression that it was for a Garage Sale. This was the thinking at the time. Oddly enough there weren’t any items for Sale anywhere. In hindsight I had picked up on the feeling of renovation, which then took the form (body) of understanding of an empty white table. We went through the class door without resistance. I should mention that the energies in proximity interchange via the conceptions of the psyche in the same way that meaning requires words in a language to convey significance. Similarly, the astral uses Forms or bodies of understanding for the same purpose. Not being able to make coherence about a particular energy in proximity explains more about the state of the psyche at the time, than the nature of the energy in question. The states change. Another way of putting it is to say that an energy in proximity can be the warden while at the same time the liberator, #.

There I saw my father and my mother sitting in conformable swing in the porch of the house. Neatly placed potted plants surrounded the perimeter of the garden. It was a beautiful bright day and it felt inviting indeed. The sense of being in the moment was heightened by the senses. And so the clarity about everything was remarkable, more so than the physical. It was as if the sense of being, although operating like the physical dimension, had the potential to report more about the environment without the risk of sensory overload. And because of the physical attributes the thoughts still emerged in the same manner I’m familiar with. I then glided towards the neatly cut green grass that was the backyard of the house. I saw a small white wooden fence very far away delimiting the backyard. I turned for my parents.

“We are in the astral.”

“Are we,” replied my father as I flew by.

He pressed his fingers against the palm of his left hand. They went through.

“Yes we are, it always works when I do it," my father said.

He looked at my mother.

“It doesn’t work when you try it”.

The energy in my hand had transformed into the shape of an amiable two year old boy. He had an enormous smile in his face. It gave the impression that he was about to burst out in laughter as he stared without flinching. But he didn’t. And he never made a single sound, not even once. I saw him carefully noticing his haircut style and the color of his eyes. I realized that it was the hair that was leading my thoughts.

“Why aren’t you blond?” I reflected. – meaning the blond boy manifestation that guides me.

“He has a personality," yelled my father as I inspected the boy. Implying that there was a separate sentience about him, that he wasn’t another illusion of my own creation. I understood this even though no judgments were formed, there was no need, it was clear. By my father’s interjection I asked.

“Where you like me, I’m I like you.” I said to the boy, wondering if he was a different version of me and unlike the blond boy (In #1495 the relationshiop matured a name).

I flew further, made a turn, and came back near the porch. I held the boy in my arm the entire time. I woke up.
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