The Prevailing Force

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The Prevailing Force

Post by Jettins \o/ » February 23rd, 2015, 12:32 am

The Prevailing Force – February 20, 2015 - #1511

A Fork in the Road part 4

A sequel to The Fork in The Road - part 3, the departure of the blond boy manifestation called Felix, #1505, from February 7, 2015.

A woke up from a dream and decided to try to re-enter the non-physical. I felt a slight expanding sensation before gently falling to the ground. I stood in my bedroom and it was daytime outside. The layout was an identical astral copy of my previous home, or as best as it could render for me. I waked to the window.

“It is so clear”, I said.

As a way to let myself process that things appeared remarkably similar to the physical dimension even though I was someplace else, in a thought responsive universe. I grabbed the window frame and pulled forwards. My head bulged half way through the glass. I felt some resistance.

“I could also go out through the door.”

“No, there’s really no need.”

I gained momentum, intent, and went through the window with the original motion. And before I had the chance to muse over how beautiful the day was a powerful prevailing sentient force (aka deity) unexpectedly lifted me across the sky; granting the power, the charge, to do something I probably couldn’t have done on my own so efficiently. It was evident that I was being directed, there was no need to check for this in the usual way of sensing. I flew in an almost vertical position, tilted forwards. I could accelerate somewhat by tilting more horizontally, and I didn’t try to see if I could change the direction. I felt the counter wind blasting my body by the force of the energy. Possibly like a parasailer, except that the motion was being energized evenly by a boundary or field in the place of the harness, and without the internal pressure. There were no perceived distortions along the way, and so everything was perfectly clear and to scale. I glided parallel to the ground at what could be 90mph; 75 feet in the air.

The force was like a sentient machine like mechanism propelling me across the sky moving its chess piece, jumping and slicing like that of a Bishop or a Rook to its position. And I did not know the purpose of the force let alone its strategy. My though processes where physical like, unaltered, in the sense that I could carefully select and encourage whichever trend of thought I choose without the risk of the energy overbearing my psyche, that is to say, without the risk of a more dominant entity remotely animating my astral limbs and creating the relapse in awareness necessary to set key instances in motion when there’s no alternative; which can only be perceived objectively as it happens to another; and there’s no alternative when there’s no insight. The departure of intuitive insight a has side effect, albeit necessary for therapeutic (stability) reasons: and so without using the energetic handshake intrinsic to the sharing of minds, thoughts and feelings, which are ways how the psyche naturally shares intuition, it was left to me to somehow figure out the assignment along the way and the purpose of the prevailing force. As I flew birds eye I saw more details; the trees, the roads, the buildings, the parks, the short forested areas moving briskly across my field of view –all for about 2 minutes or so. It was very interesting to have the kind of physical cognizance that enhances the realism of the overall perception tremendously. In terms of physical like swiftness, it was like being pushed up and out of the irrelevancy by a large crane holding a wrecking ball for reasons that superseded my understanding. One can imagine this, or can’t image this, as to imagine this would require knowing why a wrecking ball slammed our face in the first place. There is no time to think about such things, one is simply left wondering what just happened.

“I’m going very far from my physical body." I thought as I came closer to the ground, the speed reduced.

“It doesn’t matter.”

“I’m being taken to talk to someone.” I thought, and it was all that I was willing to think to avoid the risk of deceiving myself. I was careful, like usual when I’m objective. In hindsight maybe somewhat strict, but maybe even necessary. We will see.

I began to slow down approaching a building. I sensed a blinking orange light in my wrist, the watch. An arrow pointed forwards, north: the arrow then reversed; the force rotated me; the arrow and my position now headed in the same direction. I touched the ground. In hindsight, why not just land in the correct position in the first place? Why so much twists and turns, right? It needed to happen to reflect upon it for starters –more about this later. Out of all places I was taken into an Auto Part store. A store that by the unpolished look was more of a warehouse; although nice, clean and well organized. To the left were the shelves with the products, to the right the sales counter, and behind the counter the storage room. The physical like feel was particularly pronounced, and so became my memory recall upon waking. There were about 8 people there; two of them behind the sales counter and the rest on the show floor.

“Who do I talk to?” I asked expecting a sign (in the form of a tiny jolt, tilt or push). And without knowing the purpose of my visit I trusted that somehow I could figure it out. It had almost occurred to me along the travel as being the main reason. A friendly worker that was a gentleman came to talk to me to see if he could be of service. And he had been on approach before I had uttered the thought, it was my sign, and so I knew I was to talk to him first.

“I wanted to talk to the owner.” It simply seemed as the sensible and logical thing to ask, and so I went with it.

“She’s at the back, I’ll let her know”, the worker replied hurriedly.


The man walked briskly to the storage with a sense of urgency. I saw him speaking to someone through a gap in the wall, the lead isle, for quick in and out access to the extended inventory. He quickly returned and stood at a respectful distance from me. Out of curiosity about my visit he began to tremble profusely. I was certain that he could sense that I wasn’t there on usual business, it was something else, and it was unexpected. He didn’t have the means to recognize what was what because of the properties of the dimension. But even though the properties of the dimension where significantly rigid, in more ways than not like the physical, it was still possible to have some degree of limited intuitive insight about the energies in proximity, that is to say the other entities. However, it was the clash between our diverging worlds (of the psyche), our bodies of understanding, obfuscated by the ignorance of conflicting yearnings (of what is good and true), set forth by the therapeutic necessity of the inhabitants, which created his sense of expectancy and inadvertently caused him to tremble due to his inability to cope; and a form of astral dissonance. Typical when in proximity to energies from a higher dimension by those not ready. I literally felt and understood exactly what he went through the instant I saw him trembling.

“Calm,” I said with my inner mind during an exhale. The sense of expectancy vanished as quickly as it had crept in. An instant later the Owner arrived.

“You brought me here!” –was the first thing the young lady said behind the counter. She was blond with lots of freckles in her face, and not particularly pretty; giving off the impression that she looked older than she should, around 32, and with a roughed personality. Like a hillbilly girl. Her words had just enough information for me to go by in a conversation, and they referred to another version of me or not me in a different era –those details will be elsewhere.

“Remember how it was when you first came here?” I asked.

“Yes”, the lady replied promptly.

“Things were different”, I said, assuming, and trying to figure out what else to go with. I was unsure. Had I blabbered mistakenly my throat might have been slammed with a barley plant or something to that effect, or maybe lose objectivity if I was lucky, or worse fallen into a lower dimension had I persistent in error. In hindsight, I was resisting against the speculation for the blatantly obvious, which was not forthwith.

I woke up suddenly. Something had pulled me out or triggered my wakefulness. I was sure of it. It had been too sudden which for me is uncommon when it is something of importance. And so without moving a single millimeter of my physical body I relaxed and waited. No more than a few second later I found myself sitting down on a bench oblivious of the earlier, perusing diligently a small notebook that had been placed in my lap. The notebook was the size of a small diary with microfilm looking pages. Adjacent to the numbering, the dates, where the sentences; short paragraphs that coalesced into a single one by their transparency. Naturally, I bent closer to make out a section that had caught my eye. In hindsight, some of words where scrambled to the point of making them unintelligible had it been in the physical, but through the use of intuitive insight at the time, I was absolutely certain that I read the following:

“If I could just turn back time, it is the only way….”

I paused. On a second glance I couldn’t find it but remembered it. I lifted my head to reflect.

“Wait a second, I’m still here”, I realized audibly.

I stood up and saw the bench was magically placed right next to the main entrance of the store. I had lost awareness briefly out of necessity (so that the sequence set forth by the prevailing force could be completed in a way that my limited insight could grasp, aka, the Expression) and regained the objectivity of the mission as soon as I discovered what was good and true, aka the Being. I will share tons about this at some point.

I walked in holding the insight, but also knowing that I could forget it. Instantly, I spotted the young lady standing behind the sales counter.

“I’m sorry I left so suddenly”, I said from near the door. I walked closer.

“Remember when you first came how things where such a mess?” And implying how she was such a mess at an earlier time.

“Yes”, the lady replied.

I was close enough that she could see the notebook in my hand. I opened a random page and pointed to a passage.

“In your journal you wanted to turn back time.”

“How did you find that? I’ve been trying to get that."

I could sense that she was about to deviate to another entry unrelated to my visit. And it was something that she wanted to remember, and she believed that by reading her old notebook she could find it. I interjected quickly to avoid the distraction.

“The last time when you wrote this, you said, you needed to turn back time, and you thought it was the only way.”

“How did you know that?” She asked, perplexed at the level of detail and amazed that the notebook still existed.

It became clear she wanted to undue a terrible mistake, indeed. An employee, and older woman that was listening attentively calmly knotted her head in acknowledgment. She was like a motherly figure to her.

“Well, things have change now”, I said, then glanced the store.

“The police came over and said good things about you”, the motherly lady abruptly interjected with the statement. I ignored her in spite of the clarity. In hindsight, her statement was likely due to the proper order in such matters of security. The stacking order of the planes.

“You are much better now. You are ready for the next stage.”

“But, now there’s a perfect place for you, and you should come.”

She was reluctant and the others observed, but she knew it was right. There was something about it that rang good and true -more on this later, and superseded everything at the time even though neither of us knew exactly why.

Seeing her hesitance to give up what she had, I took the liberty to add a statement to persuade her.

“I can turn back time.” I sensed the risk of misinterpretation and so I quickly clarified.

“I can turn back some time, but not ALL time.”

Implying that my suggestion had the effect that she had intended for herself. I woke up.

What the near future holds for her will remain in question until I’m certain of it. For now, all I willing to say is that it will be better than before.


Out of the many possible ways the prevailing force could have teleported me to the destination, it choose the wrecking ball so that I could be assured that it was there.

Posted only because it was the most recent.
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Re: The Prevailing Force

Post by fairyana » February 23rd, 2015, 3:47 pm

It's very interesting how you helped her.

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