December 11, 2011(Dream)

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December 11, 2011(Dream)

Post by Braveheart » December 11th, 2011, 10:46 am

Memory snippet before large chunks: My girlfriend showing me her Dark hair asking "Does it look nice?"

Memory chunk: Everyone in my school cafeteria began fighting using special X-men like abilities. One person ran around with a Thor Hammer smashing people. I watched my friend John pinned against a wall by a bigger male until he got extremely mad and began fighting back. After quickly disposing the bigger male he continued on to attacking others. I soon calmed him down, which is when the fight stopped and everyone was friendly with each other once again.

As I left the building I called My Stepfather to come pick my younger brother and I up from the school. He agreed briefly and quickly hung up. My friend Edwin asked If I'm getting a ride could I ask my Stepfather if he could drive him home. I agreed and said lets walk up the block to wait for him together.. My brother, Edwin, and I. As we waited for some time, watching familiar faces pass by I saw a Bicycle with two seat in the back pull up. It reminded me of Thailand's Taxis but being a bicycle instead. The driver was a familiar face although I don't recognize him outside of my dream. Edwin realized he couldn't fit and that was the last I saw of him throughout the dream.

My brother and I got on our seats and the driver began speeding off. He was very skilled and hopped over curbs easily and an exciting aspect of the ride was how tight he was pulling the turns. I remember that feeling you get as if you're on a roller coaster that cuts all it's turns short in a manner to frighten and excite riders. He soon hit a bump where me and my brother dived off the bike in fear and he flew into this marsh-like lake. He sat in the water, seeming to enjoy it for awhile. Soon he got out and walked into this small square of land where there was a real mess.

Two kids played in the mess seeming to be looking for some type of food or something; A male and a female. The man that drove us told me "why don't they just make a tree?". I had no idea what he was talking about but he also followed that saying "That's such a good thing to do when you're young. Make a tree, this way it grows with you. He than began making a mixture of Carrot seeds and some weird type of white powder. He mixed it up for a bit and than went to plant it in the square of land. I told him that the kids were gonna ruin it.
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