December 10, 2011(Dream)

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December 10, 2011(Dream)

Post by Braveheart » December 10th, 2011, 11:21 am

I stood in front of my house waiting for all my siblings to finally get their selves organized so we can catch the Bus. My Mother struggled with my little sister's stroller for quite some time. Soon I noticed A Bus up the block and I thought "Damn, We're gonna miss it!". I got everyone to put some more speed into their actions and we began speed walking to the bus stop. The Bus I thought was ours turned off a different way and I saw 2 more buses driving our way. This is a bit unusual since only 2 buses run in my neighborhood.

I sprinted off full speed in hopes to hold the bus until my family caught up. The Bus stopped at our corner instead of the usual bus stop. Soon we struggled to get on the crowded bus and to get seats.The seating positions are a bit vague to me but I remember My brother sitting directly behind me with my mother right next to him. My brother said something really unneccesary to me in hopes to get on my nerves.. he did. I hoped over the seat and began wrestling and throwing light blows at him. I remember everyone on the bus getting really loud and than..

This weird lady began laughing an evil maniacal laugh. I turned to her sitting behind my brother and noticed her face begin to have these little bugs crawl out them. A big loud almost explosion sounding noise than erupted and the bugs covered my brother and turned the whole bus on its side. I'm assuming that everyone else was also attacked by this lady but it's not in my memory. I crawled out the window of the bus and began to run for my life. I was in some type of city with extremely tall and shiny buildings, kind of like New York City except more futuristic. I continued running until I noticed there were no normal people around here. Every seemed to be of a complete different race altogether. There was some type of begin walking really slow and hunched over pushing a cart of some sorts. A female being walking around some corner that I would run into later in the dream. I remember I began running again and this time even faster. The speed seemed to make me float off the ground and I realized, I could just fly. I took to the air and floated higher.

Memory over. The Dream was much longer and I remembered it all upon waking but now it's gone.
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