Lucid Dream: You Are......The Chrysalis?

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Lucid Dream: You Are......The Chrysalis?

Post by hydro1 » February 3rd, 2018, 5:30 am

This lucid dream was more lucid as usual for me, and of course y'all know I like getting involved in the senarios so here we go.

It started off with me going to this "Garage" to go get my car fixed (Shania). I parked beside a 18 wheeler and sat there waiting for my turn when I seen the "Mechanic" coming towards me , I exited my car, he asked what I was there for and handed me some paper to sign, a lady that said hey you can come sit next to me, (for some reason I was now inside the building after receiving the paper). I sat next to the lady and signed the paper, I got these wierd vibes from the lady but I keep to my doings.

I then hear next, it was now my turn, I sat in a chair in front of a desk with a lady behind it, by now I was feeling more weird, now it was like I was being auditioned for something, the lady started asking weird question not pertaining my car which was the reason I came, but I was answering the but like on autopilot. Then the last question came, she asked Are you ...... After that I heard her muffled voice, I begin getting distorted and felt faint, I then said sorry I don't understand a thing you said, she then hopped out her seat and I got woozy and fell over.

She then came over towards me saying, he's ready. The moment she said that someone else from behind me started putting this light band thing around my head, the light was so bright on this thing that it snapped me out my woozy daze and I begin to put up a fighter as I became more aware and more lucid, at this point I noticed that these weren't dream characters. I went into full beast mode growling and tossing the beings off me, the wondered how was I not still under whatever the gave or did to me to make me woozy. I then calmed myself when I saw the fear within them. The showed me around their hideout, there was a variety of alien like being s there and humans with powers, they were hidden somewhere here on Earth.

I then begin feeling my physical body starting to awake and so did they, the ended with saying I was the Chrysalis and that they needed to find me, since I was becoming more and more awake my dream/astral body begin shutting down I could no longer talk , so I spoke telepathically telling them that had a power/energy surge in the physical few days ago if they can trace residual energy they can find me. I said my goodbyes an hugged the lady and for some reason she begin seizuring in my arms and I awoke.

Yeah a few days ago I opened my chakras all the way to the crown and dispersed the energy into the sky and it actually Manifested into snow cause at that moment it started snowing... Well flurries but still it happened, I'm not that powerful to do full blown snow storms yet, it shocked the heck out of me that people were now walking in my physical manifest energy. I doubt I will try it again though. See that energy was supposed to go into the universe with a message to to manifest money into my life mostly thru winning the lottery. It was just something that came to me to do and I tested it out, it's been a few days and nothing yet.

My Conclusion: after some time thinking on this I think this was the universal Beings answering my chakra message, I sent to them, Chrysalis meaning i'm in the transformational stage of my life. Your opinions are appreciated as well.
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