Visualization and confirmation experience

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Visualization and confirmation experience

Post by hydro1 » September 3rd, 2016, 3:42 pm

ok this morning, I had my girlfriend come wake me up, cause she was on the computer while I was trying to go astral, she asked me did I go astral and come into the computer room, I said no
then she goes into it, saying she felt my presence in the room, I said well I didn't have a projection yet, but the story did intrigue me, she then went on to say that she felt the back of my old recliner at the computer jerk back and move slightly, I kept denying projecting in there cause I never made it out, then she said she saw the blinds on the window move, I couldn't help but smile, then she saw one of the cords on the computer swaying like someone moved it after she told me all this I sat there thinking about it.

after she told me what she experienced while awake, I went on to tell her that however I did visualize being over there in the room with her, I told her in the visualization I stuck my head out the window (which explained her seeing the window blinds moving), then I stood on the back of my chair she sat in (explaining the chair moving mysteriously) as for the cord swaying well that was something a little special, as at that point I was pleasing her went downtown on her (to which she told me she felt horny). my question is to all this how can this even be, it was just a visualization, but yet she experienced it all

Some time ago: this isn't the first time something like this has happened, in this one she was sleeping and I was awake, and I wanted to know if I could enter her dream (this was in my experimental stage), so I went to the room and placed my hand over her head (hovering not touching), I then closed my eyes and and let what ever happen happen (however nothing happened on my part) but my girlfriend suddenly hopped up out of sleep saddened about what she saw, she was talking to a man in the dream, and suddenly out of nowhere the man mysteriously catches on fire, then she woke up and saw my hand over her head, when she saw this she yelled out babe you set that man on fire, could I had really set the man on fire, though I didn't see anything on my end, couldn't my unconscious self have seen this and got jealous and set him on fire from just talking to my girl.

although this wasn't any experience that the forum is used to its still a form of experience though not of dream or astral projection origin, all feedback is very welcome, we both (my girlfriend and I) are anxious to know what happened.
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Re: Visualization and confirmation experience

Post by Master roshi » September 3rd, 2016, 4:05 pm

My take is since you were both thinking so strongly about each other while being so familiar with one another, you were able to affect what she perceived in the computer room slightly. U guys were in synchronization in a sense , you re not actually causing winds to blow or becoming a ghost that can push material blinds but affected her perception since she was expecting u on a level.
For the experience that happened a while ago, ur presence might have been felt by ur girlfriend and the man suddenly catching fire was a way for the brain to suddenly end the dream in the quickest manner possible and shock ur gf awake. Kind of like if she were on top of a building and were to need to awake because somebody steps in the room the dream would have her fall to shock her awake. Something like this has probably happened to me before.

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Re: Visualization and confirmation experience

Post by Jettins \o/ » September 3rd, 2016, 4:16 pm

I agree with Master_Roshi. It seems that you may have noticed those details telepathically, for the reasons stated.
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