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OBE and The Higher Self: Seeing Is Believing

Posted: September 14th, 2016, 11:48 am
by hydro1
Hey everyone, guess what i made it out again, and to make it even better it was the morning after getting blazed, so smoking isn't all bad for projecting, just make sure you do it the morning after. Ok so i got up staid up for 5-10 min, cause i had to go get groceries from the car, after putting groceries up, i came back to my bedroom and went back down to induce, i only closed my eyes to slits so i was sable to see a little out of it, one arm above my head, and just got myself relaxed, then maybe 10-15 mins later boom i'm out of body in my bedroom, the moment i was out i began calling out to my higher self letting him know i was out and ready, i thought he/she would just pop up but nothing came, btw the astral at that same time tried to play me by sending in distractions, it used my GF and brother to try to distract me, cause while i was calling out to my higher self, my Gf came into the room asking me what i was doing and folding clothes or something other, all i said was i'm calling out to my higher self, all the while i could barely keep my feet on the ground, i kept floating up, so i went from room to room calling on my higher self, but he/she still never showed, so i headed downstairs, the moment i tried to float down the steps my GF grabs my feet, i looked back like what are you doing, she said helping you down the steps, i said let go, i'm floating here, she let go and i continued down. When i made it downstairs, i begin again calling out to my higher self to come out, and that i was ready, no show again, at this point i started thinking maybe i'm not on the right vibratory level to do this, but then i looks outside, and i see this blue energy coming from the direction of the sun, towards my apartment, it floated over head and either onto the roof or into my bedroom where i first call it, but at that moment, boom more distractions showed, my brother came over with food,and friends, they all flooded the house, blocking my path to get to my room to go see my higher self, so i instead staid outside and tried to climb the apt to either my bedroom or roof, and at that point as well that is when my floating abilities want to leave me, so i was left with little to no floating juice as i try to climb to my bedroom or roof, and it didn't help that my bro and them came out side looking at me like what am i doing, like i was crazy, i never fell into those distractions, but those distractions was affecting my enviroment, and in turn messing with my energy, so i never made it back up there, i lost focus and winded up back in body. i'm getting so close i can feel it, i think one more outing and i might finally accomplish my mission, i'm so excited.

Re: OBE and The Higher Self: Seeing Is Believing

Posted: September 14th, 2016, 10:00 pm
by Master roshi
Congrats on getting out man! Sounds like you werent on the right vibratory level, like on the wrong plane. Was everything blurry or was it crystal clear? The constant distractions blocking u from meeting ur higher self imo are no coincidence and maybe represents some issues that need attending to b4 u are ready? Im curious to see what Jet has to say...

Re: OBE and The Higher Self: Seeing Is Believing

Posted: September 14th, 2016, 11:33 pm
by hydro1
well from what happened after I said that, proved me wrong cause my higher self did show up, it was that blue energy thing I saw entering either the roof or my bedroom, I just never got up there to meet him/her. as for the distractions, I think it was just the astral testing me, like any other time I get out and get distracted by certain scenarios, but I didn't fall for them, so I think I passed that test, and I maybe well on my way to the actual meet up with the higher self, but if I was to take it in the way you are saying, then maybe it was telling me that even when things change I still might not pay attention to my loved ones like I think I will when I hug my higher self, and I need to work on that, and I will once everything goes my way, and I finally accomplish this dream.

Re: OBE and The Higher Self: Seeing Is Believing

Posted: October 23rd, 2016, 10:42 am
by fairyana
Wow, so proud of you! Great accomplishment! It's funny how our goals are almost always met with distractions.

Re: OBE and The Higher Self: Seeing Is Believing

Posted: June 20th, 2017, 8:43 pm
by hydro1
hydro1 wrote:Replies from Astralpulse


Pretty cool experience. I experience multiple lucid dreams every night despite being a nightly vaporiser user. In fact, even more regular use has never interfered with my dreams, but I have a friend for which marijuana use is a stone cold shut off for dreaming.
I don't know why it affects people so differently, my prime suspicion is that I have just never accepted that my dreams would be affected, whereas they have bought into the idea that they can only dream when living a completely sober life.
My partner has a more flexible mind than I do at this stage and she will often have out of body experiences spontaneously with marijuana.
Your entire recollection of this experience sounds like symbolic manifestation of your reality. In regular waking life you are striving to connect with your higher self and maybe you are allowing your friends and family to be a distraction. Sounds like you did well to bypass the distractions yet they are still affecting your goals.

Bloodshadow (Me):

well basically i'm not striving to contact my higher self via physical means, I am purposely doing it astrally cause I think this is my path to my higher self, I believe everyone have their own paths and journeys to reaching their higher self, and I found mine , which is doing it astrally, i'm going to finally try to transition thru astral projection, into my higher self, and hopefully come back as a new person, and I will have been able to finally do what I been striving to do in this life, I know it sounds far fetched what i'm trying to do , but pls don't destroy my dream of doing it, i'm finally close, if its not going to happen in the way i'm describing just let me find out first hand on my own. also btw when I usually ever got out ofbody I always fell for distractions and scenarios, I only made not in this experience that I didn't let it hinder me from accomplishing what I set out to do in all my projections....however I do like your reply, this is the perfect thing to say to a person who just so happened to fall upon this scenario but with me this was on purpose to accomplish a dream I been trying to accomplish for the longest. even if it is just a manifestation and not the real deal it will play like a placebo effect and work out anyway right?
also with weed I feel super relaxed, like when I lay in bed its like I lose my self totally, but like you said it affects people differently, or like a placebo effect they let it affect them that way, when in reality they probably are able to do it, they just put so much negativity into it. but this is just my opinion.


Ive read countless articles where people having come in contact with higher self, or guides are told that to be in contact with your higher self physically its all emotional like a compass. If you do something that feels right you are doing something your higher self is approving of and thus you get positive feelings that is why you feel good your going the right way. That is why there is some much about love and unity and the such when talking about the higher self and source. Where as if you do something that makes you feel negative, scared, angry and the such you are cutting yourself off from your higher self so that is why you feel terrible as you are distancing yourself from higher self or source. Or calling it using your instincts and gut feelings if it feels positive then its higher self if it does not feel right then its not.
But since there is only a small part of the higher self that operates the physical and all the other things trying to win over your thoughts and feelings like the news leading into fears and such you get static between the full higher self and the physical so it is in a sense harder.

Getting out into an AP you can bypass most of the static and come ever so close or in better contact with higher self. But if you read a lot of other peoples AP's you find that you still have to learn emotional control there to as it can lead or jumble the experience you hear alot of this when talking about soul retrievals that they feel the emotion of those they are trying to help and it interferes or ends the experience.

I still find that trying to practice healthier things, like not watching the news and enjoy things on the physical help also when you do Ap.
I can get close to AP with alcohol, the only reason why people advise against such things is that it usually interferes with conscious functionality, have a joint at night then aping in the morning makes it a good relaxer which does help with AP. By the morning the conscious interference of the joint is gone so there is no problem there.


I pay attention to these sorts of feelings, but sometimes the messages are crossed, mixed up, ambiguous or maybe don't apply at all.

Every Friday night I play a competitive card game with some friends at a local shop and it is one of the highlights of the week. Yet, often during the drive I get that sick foreboding feeling. It is like my higher self is telling me not to go, but that makes no sense because the event always ends up positive and I have a great time.

Take a psychopath that gets great pleasure from rape and murder - why does the higher self back up this behavior? For some people is the true nature of their higher self to perform acts that our society regards as evil?
At a claire-senses course I learned to listen to the higher self more clearly, and they also recommended things like avoiding watching the news. I just see this as dogmatic and a form of denial - if one were truly awakened they would watch the news and feel no negativity because they don't make judgement based on arbitrary morals.
I see this as being a similar problem to hardcore drug addiction. Many hardcore addicts become sober for life, but this isn't growth to me, it is conceding to a weakness that you have no intention on addressing.
Instead of striving to avoid negativity, shouldn't we aim to eliminate the capacity for negativity to affect us. The news can only upset you if you buy into the fear.