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2 False Awakening Experiences

Posted: January 16th, 2017, 7:32 pm
by hydro1
in my first experience, I awoke to my Gf saying, time for us to go shopping, so we go out to go get into my car, but instead I got in her car which was on for what ever reason, I thought her car was in drive but it was in reverse, so I stepped on the gas, and the car flew back hit the side walk and flipped in the air, and landed on its top, I begin rocking the car to get it right side up, and afterwards tried to get out the car but was stuck inside, so I turned on the car again to unlock the doors and finally got out, the car was damaged badly, I then blanked out to try to awake, but only winded up in another FA, this time I was already outside and she was just pulling up, and only a little of her car was damaged in this one, this time by her. at this point I blanked out again in hopes to wake up for real, so when I woke this time, I sat up in bed and called out to my GF, but she wasn't home and when she finally got home she told me her granny died this morning. all the while in experience I thought something was happening to her in RL, but instead the only bad thing that happened was her granny died, today was a sad day. :cry: